What Happened To The Cattle in Kansas?

In the last week, shocking videos started circulating, claiming a heatwave killed cattle in southwest Kansas. Many people were curious and skeptical about the cause of these deaths. The footage came out showing fields lined with hundreds cattle that passed away in Kansas. News began to report that up to 10,000 cattle were dead in the state due to extreme temperatures over the past few days. You can see footage of the events below.

Current reports from the Kansas Department of Health account for at least 2,000 cattle deaths due to high temperatures and humidity as of Tuesday, June 14th, spokesperson Matthew Lara commented. This toll only represents facilities that reached out to the agency for help with carcass disposal, he said.

According to Drew Lerner, president of World Weather Inc, "Temperatures reached 108 degrees Fahrenheit (42 degrees Celsius) in northwest Kansas by Monday". This huge spike in temperature, paired with an increase of humidity and decrease in cooling winds lead to the large amounts of cattle passing due to heat stress. Normally, cattle can dissipate the excess heat at night, but these increased temperatures did not let up in the evening, which added to the perfect storm of stress on the cattle. Without ample water or a cooling system, the stress the animals endure at that temperature is unfortunately deadly when prolonged.

The amount of cattle that passed in Kansas could be higher than 2000, since that number only accounts for cattle that the department was reached out to about for disposal assistance. Even if more than 2000 cattle passed away, that is not enough to cause a severe disruption in the meat industry. There are currently over 90 million head of cattle in the United States, and while thousands being lost is tragic, it is not an event that should draw so much conspiracy. 

Any amount of lost cattle for those ranches is unfortunate. With increased feed prices due to the lack of corn exports from Ukraine or Russia, cattle producers are already working on thinner margins, so our hearts go out to anybody impacted by this heat wave. Our mission is to help independent American farms & ranches, and episodes like this can really jeopardize a small farm or ranch. Each head of cattle is worth around $2000, so the losses of this event are tremendous for many Americans.

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