Have you recently bought ground meat from the store? Well your ground chicken, ground turkey, ground beef, and ground pork could be unsafe more often than you think according to a recent Consumer Report. The group doing research purchased 351 packages of assorted ground meats. After testing, they found that nearly a third of the ground chicken packages contained salmonella, and many of the other meats were found with this bacteria as well. This obviously is a much higher presence of dangerous bacteria in ground meats than aimed for by the industry. With even big name brands present in the study, it can leave many consumers uneasy about the products they know and bring into their homes.

Even more alarming than the salmonella cases was one case of O157:H7 in a package of ground beef, which is a potentially deadly strain of E. coli. When Consumer Reports found this they reported it to the USDA, and this resulted in a recall of over 28,000 pounds of ground beef. James E. Rogers, PhD, who’s currently the director of food safety and research at Consumer Reports and is a former official of the USDA said, “that bacteria should not have been in the meat, period…There is a zero-tolerance policy for that bacteria, and for good reason: It’s hard to treat, and can kill.”

This recall pulled meat from the shelves of major supermarkets like Albertsons, Walmart, and more. Nearly a dozen brand names of products were compromised since they're all packaged under the same meat processing company: Interstate Meat Distributors. This recall is only a couple month after other recalls that amounted to over 120,000 pounds of potentially contaminated beef with E. coli. To top it off, earlier this year the Food Safety and Inspection Service put out a Public Alert about possible contamination in six different ground beef products - many carried at Kroger. In the wake of all these food uncertainties, what can we do?

The safety and reliability of your food is of the utmost importance. Not only in being able to find it when you need it, but being able to trust it when you eat it. These recalls show that just abiding by industry standards are not enough. Meat providers can’t just do “enough”, they need to do their best. That’s why we partner with independent farms & ranches here in the US who believe in doing their best and producing the best. Every box of ours is filled with beef that not only receives the highest USDA grades of Prime & Upper Choice, but passes our own standards of excellence

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