Meat prices almost rose quicker than Usain Bolt this year. Buying the simplest ground beef started to feel like purchasing a gourmet burger from a restaurant, and buying a gourmet burger from a restaurant started to feel like being robbed. What is the remedy to rising retail costs? It isn’t cutting coupons or lowering your standards. Here’s 1 simple way to combat rising meat prices: Shop Good Ranchers and Subscribe. Let us show you why with 3 simple lines

1. 2021 Retail Beef Prices

As you can see from the blue line in the chart above, retail beef prices rose an average of 20% through the year of 2021 (BLS Data). That’s a huge increase! Chicken and seafood rose significantly too. Not only does this make every meal more expensive, but it makes every purchase that much more important. We need quality goods that work with our budgets not against them. The blue line strained a lot of budgets in 2021, which we hate to hear. Food should be a place of comfort, not stress. Now, let's check out the the other 2 lines in the chart.

2. 2021 Good Ranchers Prices

The brown line represents our prices, which rose only 5% in the midst of the largest surge beef prices have seen in recent history. We did everything we could to keep our prices low because we aim to be affordable and fair in what we do. Your dollar is hard earned and precious, and we want to deliver a product and service worthy of your trust. When you shop with us, you can be confident of the product you get and the money you spend. There's no gimmicks here; just great American product from local farms and ranches.

3. 2021 Subscriber Price

If you didn’t notice, there is a third line on the graph. It’s red and towards the bottom. It’s perfectly flat because the price never went up for subscribers in 2021. Yes, our subscribers experienced ZERO inflation.

Not one subscriber! Why? We believe that if you subscribe at one price, it should stay at that price. That means we honor your price for the life on your subscription. Loyalty is valuable, and we communicate that in how we take care of the families and Americans that count on us to deliver great food to their door.

Not many things are sure things in 2022, but the quality of your meat and the price of it can be two solid and unchanging facts. Combat meat inflation and rising store prices with a subscription today. You pick the box and frequency, we deliver American meat when you need it. Lock in your price today and enjoy the zero inflation of Good Ranchers for many meals to come!