That’s right, chicken is at an all time low of supply… and it could be running out in the next 7 days. That may sound dramatic and out of the blue, but it's true. Obviously there have been big shake ups in the food supply chain, but why chicken and why now? Here's the honest truth... it's because we’re almost sold out of our new Whole Chicken Box!

The True Shortage

Yes, we only launched our new, limited supply, chicken box earlier this week, but it’s already running out! Have you not checked the exclusive box out yet? Because you definitely should. Our chicken will change the way you feel about chicken - but the window is closing on this special edition box we just launched! Every piece is hand trimmed by real Americans to make sure it’s not only easy to prepare but pleasant to enjoy. No more throwing away 20% of the chicken you buy because you have to cut off all the gross parts before cooking it. You will be enjoying 100% of the chicken you buy with Good Ranchers. 

We’re talking chicken breasts that practically cook themselves and chicken lollipops that you’ll be craving after the first bite. Pull them out of our vacuum sealed bags, season how you like, cook and enjoy! Here’s everything you’ll get in your Whole Chicken Box: (All items come raw, frozen, and in vacuum sealed bags that are good for over a year in the freezer)

1. 20 (4oz) Plain Pre-Trimmed Chicken Breast

2. 8 (5oz) Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs

3. 5 (8oz) Semi Boneless Chicken Leg Quarters

4. 5 (8oz) Chicken Lollipop Packages

Plus - every box ordered supports American farms and donates 10 meals to hungry families in need here in America. If you need more information on the box you can find it on the Whole Chicken Box product page! All of these high-quality, plain chicken products are the perfect canvas for the meals and flavors you want to enjoy.

Shockingly, we’ve seen a 50% increase in chicken price per pound from 2020 to present day. Your low quality grocery store chicken is costing you more and more. This is due to increased feed prices, bird flu outbreaks earlier this year, and continued supply chain difficulties in the industry. Fortunately with us, you can subscribe to any of our boxes and lock in your price for life. Not only on chicken but on beef & seafood too! 

When you subscribe with us - your price will not go up for the life of your subscription. Right now, you can’t subscribe to the Whole Chicken Box that we just launched because we did a limited production run. We had so many people asking for it that we wanted to make it for everyone to be able to try. Get one of the few left to make sure you can try it and let us know you want more - and maybe soon it’ll be available for subscription! You can subscribe to any of our other boxes full of chicken, beef, and seafood. We are American Meat Delivered, and we hope to be joining you for dinner soon.