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Lab Grown Meat Gets Green Light From FDA For Sale To U.S. Consumers

By Good Ranchers

November 18th, 2022

The FDA has recently signed off on Upside Foods’ cultivated "meat" to be sold to US consumers, continuing the large and government-backed movement to replace our current agricultural system with new, synthetic alternatives. They claim that there are many benefits to lab-grown meat, such as decreased greenhouse gas emissions and no animal cruelty, but we addressed how cruel this process of bioreactors truly is in our previous blog: Is Lab-Grown Meat About To Take Over The U.S. Food Industry?

Beyond the cruelty of lab-grown "meat", the biggest problem is that it's not the least bit scaleable or affordable. The current cost of lab-grown meat is easily hundreds of dollars per pound, compared to $4-5 per pound for real meat from real animals. Now children can enjoy $50 chicken nuggets as they refuse to eat their veggies. The estimations by some companies of prices coming down drastically as the sector advances have been proven wrong by lengthy and detailed reports that say it will never become a cost-competitive food. 

That report is even more alarming when you consider that the lab-grown "meat" industry has raised billions of dollars in funding, but they still have no clear path to providing a service we can afford or one we even want. Plus, they consistently miss the deadlines they set for themselves. This industry is falling apart before it even gets started, yet somehow it still has the financial backing to keep going.David Humbrid, a UC Berkeley-trained chemical engineer who spent over two years researching the aforementioned report said it’s “hard to find an angle that wasn’t a ludicrous dead end” for the lab-grown “meat” industry.

Lab-made chicken nuggets. Companies hope to add more fat and muscle texture to future versions. Who’s hungry? Not us.Source: James Palinsad

Who really wants this? Who is going to the store and pulling their hair out because they can't cross "lab-grown meat" off their shopping list? This feels less like the market producing what consumers need, and more of the market telling consumers what they can have. Our government is approving alternatives while actively stifling the real thing. The real meat and agriculture that has fed our growing nation and the world is under attack, and for no good reason.

Show them how you feel about their market manipulation by buying real meat. You know, that stuff they can't make in a lab if they tried–and they have tried. Find a local butcher or get the meat you need delivered to your door. That's why we exist: to connect you to real American farms so that you can enjoy the best meat and seafood America has to offer. Our meat subscriptions come with a 100% satisfaction and pasture-raised guarantee. The only lab our cows even get close to is the dog that walks the field with the rancher.

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Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on how google will soon be limiting your searches based on "sustainability", which means lab grown meat will be showing up instead of the real thing in your browser. The shadow-ban of meat is coming. Sign up and subscribe today to get the best meat delivered to your door and the juiciest news delivered to your inbox.

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