Wagyu - now considered a national treasure in Japan - exists all over the world. Wagyu actually means “Japanese Cow”. Wagyu is a broad term that encompasses 4 different breeds of cattle within Japan that all have been specifically bred to produce the unique marbling wagyu is known for. While it’s true that Wagyu originated in Japan, it is no longer true that it remains there. We have a large amount of Wagyu cattle here in the USA which has allowed all of us to become familiar with the decadent and rich flavor of wagyu beef. How did American Wagyu come to be? If you’re curious about the history of Wagyu in America, and how to get two free pounds of the best American Wagyu, then stay tuned and read on!

America's Wagyu History

It was 1976 when four Wagyu bulls were brought to the United States from Japan. There were two Japanese Red Bulls and two Japanese Black bulls.. These bulls were used for crossbreeding with female Angus cattle and other Continental breeds. The crossbreeding of Wagyu and Angus is known as “Wangus” and is not considered a full blood wagyu. It was not until 1993 that three Japanese Black female cows were imported, leading to the first Fullblood Wagyu to be bred in the United States.

Between 1994 and 1997, about 200 Fullblood Wagyu were imported into the US from Japan. This allowed the wagyu population to thrive like never before in the States, and it seemed like this was only the beginning of American Wagyu. Then, in 1997, Japan designated Wagyu as a national treasure and an export ban on Wagyu cattle was put in place, which led to the rarity of Wagyu outside of Japan that we experience today. Fortunately for us, American Wagyu is here to stay and it is phenomenal - especially ours (wink-wink)

American Wagyu Today

The American Wagyu Association estimates there are less than 5,000 Fullblood Wagyu being raised in America currently. There are, though, 30,000 Wagyu-influenced cattle being raised domestically in the United States as well. Wagyu-influenced means they are part Wagyu but not Fullblood. These 35,000+ cattle are raised on American Wagyu ranches throughout the US. Some of the States raising Amercian Wagyu are Texas, Idaho, New Mexico, and Oregon. Even with the limitation on getting fullblood Wagyu in the country, American Wagyu is on the rise and for good reason too.

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