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The March Madness Bracket That Can Win You $2000 of Free Meat

By Good Ranchers

March 10th, 2023

March Madness is back, and this year, we’re helping the excitement spread beyond college basketball with our newest innovation: March Meatness. Thanks to this new contest, you don’t have to love college basketball to be engaged and no purchase is necessary to win! You just need to have 10 minutes of free time and love Free Meat because if you pick the best March Meatness bracket, you win free meat for a year! Here’s 3 ways you can win:


It works just like a regular bracket except the top seeded teams correspond to more popular cuts of meat and the lower seeded teams correspond to the...less popular meats. Each cut of meat represents a team in the bracket. For example, a ribeye could be represented by Houston (Go Coogs–we're a houston-based company), while a pork chop could be Virginia. All 4 major proteins are represented in the bracket: beef, chicken, pork, and seafood. That means you can root for your favorite cut to go all the way! Fill out your bracket here. 

After the teams have been decided, our bracket creator will go live and you will be notified via email. This will most likely happen after selection Sunday is complete, so around 8pm on March 12th the March Meatness bracket will go live. You will have until midnight on March 15th to lock in your bracket. If your bracket prediction is the closest at the end of the tournament you’ll win a free year of meat! It does not have to be a perfect guess, just the best. What does the best mean?

You can earn a total of 32 points per round of the tournament. With 6 total rounds a perfect score would be 192 points. If you do that, you’re a magician and we would like to offer you a job. There are less and less games per round as the teams are eliminated, which means the points per game goes up as the games per round goes down. Check out the chart below for the full point system and remember to visit our March Meatness page to get started with your winning bracket! Heads up, to save your bracket you need to make a Good Ranchers account or login to an existing one you have. You can only make one bracket per account.


Every purchase in the month of March earns you 10 entries into the raffle for free meat. Both one-time purchases and subscription orders count towards the raffle! The more orders placed, the more chances you have to win. Plus, we made the code MarchMeatness have UNLIMITED uses so that you can save on every box in the month of March. That discount code gets you $20 off each order you place + free shipping, so use the code MarchMeatness as many times as you’d like until the end of March Madness. We will announce the winner of the raffle alongside the bracket winner once the tournament is over!


We’re talking about over $2000 of Free Meat! Why wouldn’t you do both? Spread the word and start a March Meatness bracket competition among your friends and family. Even if you don’t win our contest, you can have the best bracket amongst them and then make them buy you a box of America’s best meat as your prize. March Meatness is gonna be crazy and delicious. Don’t miss out on being a part of it this year!

You when you win: