Have you seen the packages of beef with a bright red color on the grocery store shelves? They look so fresh that they must have been cut, packaged, and put out this morning... or were they? It turns out that the color of meat is being manipulated by unnatural means – specifically gases like Nitrogen, CO2, and even Carbon Monoxide. Yes, that scentless, deadly gas is what they spray a large amount of store-bought, pre-packaged meat with. Now, they claim it is not a harmful amount of gas, but it is causing harm to consumers across the country who buy products that look fresh but really could not be further from it. This color manipulation happens through a process called MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) and we want to show you why Vacuum-Sealed is so much better.

When Red Is Not Really Red

I am sure we can remember the time the infamous “Dress” photo floated around the internet that had people seeing different colors while looking at the same picture. Was it Blue and Black or White and Gold? It actually was all a trick of the eye. Turns out, the color of the meat in your grocery store is a trick of the eye as well. In this instance though, they want us to see a color that should not be there. Through MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), Companies remove the oxygen that causes meat to lose its red color and replace it with a different mixture of gases to slow the process of going from red to more of a brown. This means the meat could be going bad on the inside and still look brand new on the outside, deceiving you and robbing you of buying fresh, quality products. Also, the gases they use are rarely told to customers on the package.

Brown is Better?

Now, keeping products away from oxygen is not bad; that helps the food stay fresher for longer. It is what some people add in place of it that is worse. That is why we vacuum-seal and flash freeze all of our beef, chicken, and seafood. It removes the oxygen and locks the meat in an air-tight vacuum, keeping it fresh and locking in the quality. With vacuum sealing, you may see your beef has a brownish, red color before opening it. Do not be alarmed, that is what happens when the beef is kept from oxygen. When you open it up to fresh air, the steak will go through a process known as “Blooming” and regain that red color as it interacts with the oxygen

Don't Follow The "MAP"

One of the most concerning things about MAP is that companies do not have to display the gases they have added to the packaging because it is not considered an ingredient. Ironically, the only way to tell if your red meat, colored by gas, is bad, is to see if the packaging is expanding from the gas bacteria produce inside. One sure fire way to avoid spoiled meat on the shelves is to never buy puffed up packages. The better option is to buy Vacuum-Sealed packages though. Even though vacuum sealing doesn’t give you that fake, bright red color, it does give you assured freshness, easy storage, and fresher products than MAP ever could. So, if you shop at the store for your meat, be mindful of the products you buy. Color does not communicate freshness and quality the way you think it does!

All of this reiterates a main point of why we started Good Ranchers: The grocery store is not concerned about the food you put on your family’s table, but we are. The source, the packaging, and the messaging in the meat aisle are all below the standard you and your loved ones deserve. We started Good Ranchers to create a connection between local, American farms & ranches producing quality products, and the hungry American families who need them. Don’t let your meals suffer or your special eyes be deceived. Shop Good Ranchers to get individually wrapped, vacuum sealed, 100% American meat delivered to your door.

Our steaks will Bloom when you open them up and give you the color and flavor from your steaks that you crave. Plus, our packaging helps eliminate food waste in your house, which can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year - read the full money saving report here. Each item is vacuum sealed and individually wrapped, so when you want to cook one steak or chicken breast, you can. You don’t have to use everything all at once or leave it to spoil. With Good Ranchers you cook what you want when you want it. Eat better, save better, do better with American Meat delivered to your door. Place your order in our shop today!