The Meat Recession is coming. Why? We've all seen and felt the steep price increases on our favorite meats over the past year. Inflation kept outdoing itself month after month after month. This was in large part due to the fact that feed for farmers was at an all time high; the production costs of meat had soared and this increase was passed onto us, the consumer. Recently, the cost of feed has dropped for the first time in months, but lower prices are not on the horizon according to experts. Here are the 3-reasons why the meat recession is coming

Reason 1: The Cattle Herd Is Shrinking

According to USDA data, the US cattle herd is down 2% from where it was in July of 2021. A contributing factor to the decline has been the droughts impacting Texas ranchers. Many of these herds are being sold to markets when they normally wouldn’t be brought for years. This is due to lack of water, high feed prices, or financial pressure on the farmers and ranchers themselves. Not just Texas herds have shrunk though. The money to be made during pandemic meat prices pushed many farms and ranches to cash in on cattle that would not have normally been sold.

Selling cattle is fine if we can replace the herd quickly, but “replacement heifers – the young, future calf-producing cows – are at their lowest point nationally since USDA began keeping numbers in 1973.” We could be looking at a lengthier recovery than the 2011 droughts imposed on the market. Scarcity and steep prices are still on the horizon, but we’re going to show you how to lock in the price you pay for beef at the end of this article.

Reason 2: Beef Shortage = Chicken Shortage

When one protein becomes harder to afford or find, people gravitate towards a new one that has a better price or easier access. As affordable beef has become harder to find - not at Good Ranchers though - people have turned to chicken. Unfortunately the price increases have even hit poultry. The Consumer Price Index shows a 16.4% increase in the price of chicken from Jan-Apr of this year. With the Bird-Flu outbreak that happened earlier this year, the USDA is forecasting continued price increases for chicken in 2022.

As more people are giving up the meat they love for the meat they can find, chicken will become more scarce and more expensive. Worker shortages in the processing plants have made pre cut and pre-trimmed pieces of chicken even harder to find - and very pricey when available. Lucky for you that all of our chicken is triple trimmed and always in stock to be shipped to your door. Plus, you can lock in your price on chicken too - before it goes out of your price range as well. We'll tell you how after point #3!

Reason 3: A Meat Tax Is Coming?

According to FAIRR, a carbon tax that’s attached to farm animal emissions is quickly gathering momentum, especially in Europe. This tax would put direct pressure on farms and ranches to reduce their emissions by significant margins. If you didn’t know - to cut emissions by large margins you must cut your herd size. A meat tax would be devastating to any farm or ranch trying to make a living for themselves while providing affordable products for others.

We’re seeing the impact of this with Dutch farmers right now as they protest over emission cuts. The Dutch farmers are amazing at what they do, and this tax is tying their hands. This is certainly something to keep your eyes on. The independent farms and ranches we work with here in America cannot sustain and should not have to sustain such a tax. American agriculture is the heart of our country, and we want to support it in every way we can. You can support American farms by locking in your price on 100% American meat. Here’s How!


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