This summer is hot! Mostly from all the grills firing up. Maybe you're an expert wanting to shake off that winter rust, or this is the first summer you want to try your hand at grilling, either way these tips are for you! These eight grilling tips will get you right on your way to making this summer the tastiest yet.

1: CLEAN YOUR GRILL. Don’t let the last thing you grilled show up on tonight's plate. It's super simple to get your grill clean and ready to cook evenly and cleanly! You can use a metal brush to clean the grates when the grill is hot - makes everything come off easier. Watch our Video on how to clean your grill here.

2: TWO WORDS - MEAT THERMOMETER. You are not a magician and you do not have x-ray vision to see when that meat is fully cooked. Sure, you can go by the feel of the meat - if it's soft like the area under your thumb it's definitely not fully done. But instead of guessing if the meat is as soft as your thumb and possibly serving raw meat, you can just spend $20 and get a solid meat thermometer to always know what temp your protein is at.

3: CHECK YOUR FUEL REGULARLY. The worst thing is when you fire up that grill and get it to temp only to run out of propane, or to buy the meat and realize you are out of charcoal or pellets and didn't buy any at the store. If you are planning on grilling, check your fuel to make sure you can get the grill HOT and keep it hot.

4: ROOM TEMPERATURE MEATS. Letting meat come to temperature out of the fridge for half an hour before grilling will help it cook more evenly. If you cook with cold or even frozen meats, the cooking time is going to be thrown way off and the cut will be cooked more uneven than a bad haircut.

5: UNDERCOOK YOUR FOOD. Yes, you read that right. Your meat will continue to cook after you take it off the grill. Carryover cooking is real and it has dried out food every summer since the beginning of grilling. Plan for food temperature to increase around five degrees after leaving the grill.

6: LOW & SLOW. Some thicker cuts of meat may sear nicely at a high temp, but overcook before the center even gets warm. To combat this, you can use high temp to get the sear you love, and then put the meat on a medium or lower temperature part of the grill to let is cook all the way through. This keeps you from over-charring the outside and ruining a beautiful bone-in or thick cut of meat.

7: SIDES GIVE VARIETY. Anyone who has made dinner for two has probably felt stressed managing the meat and sides. You don't need an expansive protein menu or a five course meal for your BBQs or grill outs. Let the sides you prepare add variety and focus on making a killer couple of proteins for everyone to enjoy.

8: GIVE IT A REST. Allowing the meat to rest for 5-10 minutes after cooking lets the juices redistribute throughout the meat. Burgers, chicken, and steak... give them all a rest after you pull them off the grill! (Bonus - this will also keep you from burning your mouth eating things right off the grill because they look so good)

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