I Don't Remember Signing Up For This Yoga Class…

This year has definitely been one of stretching. We all felt it in one way or another. In family, finances, work, or health, we've all been stretched and tested in new ways. Unfortunately this unforeseen yoga class is not over. 

With the struggling supply chain through all industries, we are seeing an increase in price and shipping times with a decrease in production and availability. How can we all navigate this and still have everything we need to keep traditions alive this holiday season? We would like to share one tip to help get you through it.

Can’t I Do What I’ve Always Done?

You may be tempted to think that you’ll be able to do what you’ve always done, but the facts say otherwise. Last minute shopping and last minute details for the holidays won’t be as feasible this year. Polls show most people have already started their holiday shopping - and it’s before Halloween! This is due to the fact that markets are struggling to keep up with demand right now, but imagine how far behind they will be when the Christmas rush hits?

All of that to say, start planning your shopping now. Get the “must-have” items sooner than later. Even if the brand you love will have enough stock to get through the holidays, shipping is no fun right now and the delays will most definitely get worse the closer we get to Christmas. No one want to be left putting a picture of the gift in the box because the item hasn't arrived yet, so buy now before you’re left looking like John Travolta next to empty shelves.


The Holiday Hunger

Nothing makes the holidays the holidays quite like the food you enjoy and the scents that fill the house. To keep those scents and dishes at the heart of your celebration, buy the food items you need earlier than you would as well. A lot of us host or have people over this season, so stock up on the key ingredients you need to make those gatherings memorable. That would include Good Ranchers!

Yes, we will experience the same strains and longer delivery times as every other company, but we still want to be a part of your holiday! So please, order now so that we can get you the 100% American, steakhouse quality meats you need for the holidays. Not only for your own meals, but be thinking about giving the gift of Good Ranchers this year to someone else! If you want a gift they’ll remember, give them Good Ranchers!

Getting The Holiday Deals Today

Obviously a big concern for people is that if they buy now, they will miss out on the deals that come with the holiday season. Our tip is to bookmark your items and check in often. We are going to run promotions earlier and longer than past years to make sure you can get the product you want at a great price in time to wrap it and gift it.

So what are your next steps? First: make your list early - and check it twice! Second: bookmark those items you are interested in to keep a watchful eye on them like toddlers playing next to grandma's fragile China. Third: fill out our gifting form to get special gifting deals! Click HERE to fill it out now. Lastly: buy it sooner and not later! Do these simple things and while others are stressing this holiday, you’ll be cool as a cucumber.

You can always visit our shop to find the perfect box for yourself, your family, or that special someone who needs some delicious, 100% American, steakhouse quality meat in their life. Click the button below to find yours today!

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