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While States Aim To Approve mRNA Vaccines in Cattle & Pigs—Good Ranchers Bans Them

By Good Ranchers

April 7th, 2023

The first thing you need to know is that we're drawing a line in the sand on this topic—just like we did with only sourcing our meat from American farms. We have never and will never source meat from any farm that uses unapproved, experimental treatments and medicines in their animals. Place an order today to enjoy 100% American Meat with 0% mRNA Vaccine. You can take our pledge to the bank, or better yet, take it to your fridge. Read the full pledge here.

How did everyone start talking about mRNA vaccines in livestock? It really kicked off on April 1st. The story came from Tom Renz, a lawyer from Ohio, on Twitter. His tweet about Missouri House Bill 1169 kicked off a discussion about food safety, honest labeling, and the people’s right to know what they’re consuming in their food. The bill focuses on items that can be called “gene therapy products”, and how they should be labeled as such for consumers to know that certain products could contain genetic material or create genetic changes in the user.

This bill seems to have the intention of blocking the lobbyists that Tom Renz says are pushing for mRNA vaccines to be used in cattle and pigs in Missouri. It also goes a long way to putting the consumer back in control. So many labels on food are used as smokescreens, and everyday Americans are left trying to pick the best things for their family through the haze. We live in a time where the current labels on products—especially food and even more so meat— tell you everything you don’t need to know and nothing of what is truly important. We hope this story helps more people see the great gap between those people who are doing things the right way and those who are acting without your well-being in mind.

We’ve spoken out for years on the “Product of USA” Labeling disaster and how foreign meat is stealing that label for their good, crippling our local farms in the process.That’s why we’ve gone against the normal industry practices of putting vanity labels and terms on our products. Others often do it to hide the shortcomings in quality, but we have nothing to hide. That’s why we’re openly joining the conversation about mRNA vaccines in cattle, pigs, and all livestock. We’re proud to take a stand for issues that matter, and the safety of our food supply chains is a topic that matters a great deal.

Really what this story does is it shows more than ever why alternatives are needed. You cannot trust the labels on your grocery stores' meat, and other meat delivery companies that import their product from other countries won’t be any more transparent. You need Good Ranchers, and we don’t say that so we can make a sale. We say that so you can make a meal with ingredients that you can feel good about feeding your family and friends. We say that because you deserve to spend your money on products that are worth what you pay for them. We also say that because Good Ranchers needs you.

We can only continue to take stands like this and pursue the highest level of excellence in the meat industry because of you. Our customers equip us and enable us to reject the norms that bring others to mediocrity. You allow us to serve you in the way you should be served. Consider subscribing to American Meat Delivered today. Share a meal around products made by Americans who share your values. Take a shot on us because our animals didn’t take the shot for you. Shop Now