If you’re like most Americans, one of your goals for the New Year is likely setting a budget or getting your finances back on track. If you are, don’t worry, because you’re not alone. Not only that, but we are sharing a few of our personal favorite tips and tricks for staying on budget.

6 Tips For Sticking To A Budget In The New Year

Evaluate last year’s spending and set realistic goals in the New Year.
Make sure you’re accurately accounting for how much you spend on everyday things like gas, groceries, and more. Many credit cards give you a year-end spending summary and it’s broken down by category. Take a look at that and notice where you went crazy with spending and resolve to do better in the New Year. Knowing that Amazon or dining out are where you spent a huge chunk of money will make you more aware of spending habits in the New Year.

Eat at home more often.
Eating out is always fun and delicious, but it can be expensive, especially for a family. Did you hear about the couple who spent $30,000 eating out in just one year? Eating at home doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, investing in a meat subscription box like Good Ranchers ensures that you are sent quality meat directly to your door every four to six weeks. Shopping online for steaks and chicken ensures that you always have delicious food that’s easy and fun to cook every night -- and you won't be tempted to order pizza every night. If going out to eat is one of your favorite things, it’s pretty easy to make dinner at home feel like a restaurant with a few simple tips.
Our meat delivery service is as cheap as $3.22 per meal, which is about 40% cheaper than Butcher Box or any other online meat delivery.
And pro tip if you do plan to eat out: make it feel like a special occasion, and don’t take it for granted. Maybe your favorite local pizza place has buy one pizza, get one free on Monday nights. Make that your special night to go out to eat or order in, because it’s still saving some money.
Price shop.
There’s nothing wrong with checking different prices on big item purchases or making sure you’re shopping at the right time. Furniture stores are notorious for having huge Labor Day sales, so try to shop around those sales, or if you’re shopping a month earlier, it never hurts to ask the sales team if they can honor a bigger discount. Can you negotiate free shipping or other things that help you save money? (PS: did you know Good Ranchers offers free shipping with all of our meat delivery boxes?)
Try adding a no-spend day one day a week or once a month and get the whole family involved.
That means no Starbucks in the morning or fast food in the afternoon. In fact, don’t even tempt yourself with online shopping, just focus on having fun for free like cooking at home or a visit to a nearby park.
See where you can make cuts.
We personally think physical fitness and staying healthy should be top of mind for everyone, but maybe you pay a hefty gym membership and there’s a free (or cheaper) version in your neighborhood. Maybe you can save money by getting a family membership instead of paying for two separate memberships for you and your significant other. It never hurts to ask. You should periodically call your cell phone and other utility providers to see if there is a new deal or special you’re eligible for that may save major bucks in the long run.
Start saving and/or create an emergency fund.
There are many online apps and credit cards that allow you to round up purchases and put that extra money into a savings fund automatically, which makes it much easier. Good Ranchers is proud to give back to your local community, and we’d love if you read more about meat delivery our process. You can also check out our grilling blog for tons of expert cooking tips and hacks, recipes, and more. Please note: Good Ranchers prices, packages, availability and locations may change.