Help donate 100,000 meals this month to kids in need - Learn more

Help donate 100,000 meals this month to kids in need - Learn more

A Story Worth Joining

It Began with a Problem

Our story begins like so many others. It begins with a problem. A problem you face as well. Four years ago, we came face to face with the issue that started it all. We wanted to know where our meat was coming from. With a young, growing family, we wanted to buy the best while still staying on budget, but those two goals seemed impossible with the current options. Either we bought the grocery store meat that came from who knows where with who knows what quality, or we spent three times as much on meat delivery services that seemed just as mysterious as the grocery store. Our solution to this problem can be yours as well: Good Ranchers.

We Found The Solution

We bootstrapped the business from Day 1, traveling to connect with the Good Ranchers all across the US, researching what American families need, and putting together boxes to connect American products to American people. We believed there is no quality like American quality. We believed everyone deserves to know where their meat comes from, and we believed each person should be able to afford it. Those are still the beliefs that drive us today. We’re here to take the guesswork out of the meat aisle and the premium price out of premium meats.

You Make the Difference

Most of all, we want to Do Good while we Eat Good. That’s why every box you purchase donates 10 meals to families in need. Over the past 4 years, our customers have helped donate over 500,000 meals to food banks across the country. Our Give10 program is just getting started, and we hope you can join us to reach 1,000,000 meals donated very soon.

The 4 Things Your Should Know:

1. What's the problem?

You’re paying a premium price for low quality, imported products. (85% of Grass Fed Beef is imported from overseas)

2. What's the solution?

Get 100% American, never imported, steakhouse quality meats for an affordable price at Good Ranchers. (Steakhouse quality cannot be bought at the grocery store - trust us we tried)

3. What's the mission?

Feed hungry Americans. Those doing well and those in need.

4. Who's to thank?

YOU. YOU make this possible. YOU support American farms and ranches. YOU feed the hungry. All when YOU buy Good Ranchers.


The Spell Family

This is our family. This is also the 300th picture we took to get one with everyone still and happy. It has been quite the journey since we felt the strain of not knowing where our meat comes from in 2017. Our family has grown from 3 to 5 since then, and our 6th member is on the way. All of that to say, we understand new families just starting out and families that have been years in the making. No matter your family size or status, you deserve to know where your meat comes from. You deserve great meat at a fair price. Good Ranchers can’t solve how long family photoshoots take (we wish), but we can solve your meat problem once and for all.

OUR Standards of Excellence.


Our Partner Ranches raise a variety of Cattle, Angus, Hereford and even American Wagyu, just to name a few.


Embracing our obligation to sustain the land, we look for ranches and farms that use the newest innovations in farming to minimize negative impact on the environment.

Animal Wellness

Proper animal care is essential in balancing the health and productivity of the cattle herd. The ranches and farms we partner with are required to use humane animal care practices and are proactive in implementing the latest techniques and programs.


Partner ranches and farms use Socially responsible business practices which includes being a positive impact in their communities, fair hiring practices, and giving back.

Good Ranchers Gives Back

Do Good. Eat Good.

Good Ranchers was founded on the core value of giving back. Through our Good Ranchers Food Drive, we have been able to donate over 500,000 meals to those who need it most since 2018.