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Bringing everyone to the table to share in the best of what makes life good

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We believe food has a way of bringing people together...

The Spell Family

...especially great food. Due to a broken food system that inflates prices and imports poor quality meat, America’s tables haven’t been full of great food for a while. Good Ranchers was founded by Ben and Corley Spell as a result of their search for honest and quality food to feed their growing family.

By sourcing all of our meat from local, independent farms in the U.S., we are connecting people to quality products they can’t get anywhere else. Together, we will make the American farm strong again and restore the American table to what it was always meant to be: a place of real community, remarkable quality, and true change.

How it works

The process is extremely easy and only takes a couple minutes. You can checkout with a one-time purchase on any box or sign up for a subscription to get regular deliveries of America's best meat. Subscribing comes with tons of perks, savings, and requires no long-term committment. Simply pick the box that makes your mouth water and then select the frequency of delivery best for you and your family. After that, you sit back and get free shipping on all orders and a 2-year price-lock guarantee with your subscription. Change the way you buy meat today with American Meat Delivered!

how it works
Pick your boxesFind the perfect box for you in our curated selection of pasture-raised meat and wild-caught seafood
how it works
Choose How OftenSelect the frequency that works best for you. Then enjoy less trips to the meat aisle and more flavor at dinner.
how it works
Lock in your priceWhen you subscribe, your price is locked in for two full years. Enjoy 0% meat inflation for 24 months.





The Frasier Farms is located on the eastern plains of Colorado where the operation relies on native range and grass to feed their cattle. The operation was settled 66 years ago by Mark’s great-grandfather. Since the beginning, the operation has focused on producing high-quality cattle. They employ a very impressive grazing management system which moves cattle through a series of 125 grass pastures to give the grass time to rest and provides the cattle a natural, healthy environment to grow in. We’re proud to partner with Mark and his team to preserve the tradition of ranching in Colorado and more importantly, his family.

The Proof is in the Protein

Food seems to have more labels than calories these days. We don’t want to hit you over the head with certifications you’ve never heard of or list a bunch of things that don’t truly benefit you, the consumer. We’re simply going to tell you why our meat is the best. Not just “better” or “equal” to others: The best.

Beef That's rare...

Regardless of how you cook it

Beef That's rare...

Born, Raised & Made in America

Because over 85% of grass-fed beef is imported from overseas. This hurts the quality of meat you eat and the quality of life for American farmers. Buying from independent farmers in the US lets you Do Good & Eat Good at the same time.

USDA Prime & Upper Choice

Every cut of beef we sell is USDA Graded Prime or Upper Choice, which are the highest two grades beef can receive in America. They are hand cut, hand trimmed, and aged 21 days to reach the optimal tenderness and richest flavor possible.

Grass-Fed & Grain-Finished

Our cattle are pasture raised where they are fed grass most of their lives and then finished on a mixture of grass & recycled distillery grain. We work with our partner farms & ranches to take care of the cattle throughout the process to minimize stress, raise quality of life, and create a sustainable process that produces America’s best beef.

Better-than-Organic Chicken

Because "Organic" doesn’t mean much anymore

Better-than-Organic Chicken

Better than Organic

Organic chicken in the store is not as good as you think. The label of “Organic” really only refers to the feed the chicken eats in its life. We go beyond feed to make the whole process better than the organic standard, which is why our chicken blows people away.


Our chicken comes pre-trimmed so that you don’t have to do extra work before dinner. They’re ready to go right into the pan after you season our plain chicken breasts or use one of our pre-seasoned options for an even easier meal that always delivers juicy cuts of chicken.


Our chickens are raised in open space and not cooped up in a warehouse. Why? Because The Chicks love Wide Open Spaces. That’s a song reference because our chicken will have you singing a happy tune with every bite.

Prime Pork

We got the chops

Prime Pork

Heritage Breed

This is the closest to pork perfection you can get. Each cut has the finest marbling from heritage breeds that have produced sought after pork for generations. All of our pork is raised on Midwest family farms with traditions of excellence. Every detail of the process is crafted to create the best life for each pig, which leads to delicious and sustainable pork you can proudly buy.

Humanely Raised

Our humane farm practices are verified by the USDA. That means there are no gestation crates or any confinement at any point in the animal’s life. They are free to move and live as they were intended to. The only way to get America’s best pork is to raise the best pigs in the country.

Unmatched Quality

We hand select our Prime Pork for its high marbling, deep color, and consistent sizing. This meticulous process ensures that every cut of pork we deliver to your door meets our rigorous standards for flavor, tenderness, and overall eating experience. From steakhouse chops to quality brats, our pork guarantees a superior dining experience every time.

Wild-Caught Seafood

It’ll have you hooked

Wild-Caught Seafood

Straight from the nature

Our Wild Caught Seafood exists to create a direct connection between you and the best American fisheries. We work with local businesses on the coasts to fill our boxes with top-tier quality that blows the grocery store and other deliveries out of the water. These are teams and fishermen that have worked for decades to perfect their craft and preserve the fresh quality of their cuts for you to enjoy at home.

Sustainably Sourced

Our fishing practices meet the most stringent sustainability standards. This means that our seafood is caught in a way that respects the balance of marine life and preserves the health of marine ecosystems. The fisheries we work with are responsible stewards of the ocean, ensuring that these species flourish and their habitats are protected so that future generations can experience America’s best seafood too.

Shrimply the Best

Just like our land-based offerings, we carefully curate our Wild Caught Seafood for its vibrant color, exceptional texture, and consistent size. This meticulous selection process guarantees that every seafood cut delivered to your door meets our rigorous standards for flavor, freshness, and dining experience. Our Wild-Caught Seafood promises an unparalleled dining experience every time.

Still Need Help?

Let’s fix that! Our phone lines are open Monday through Saturday and our Help Center is always stocked with the most frequently asked questions we get from customers just like you. Never hesitate to reach out for help. We have an in-house customer service team full of people passionate about answering your questions and helping you find exactly what you need. Check out the help center or reach out to us today. We’d love the chance to help you.

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