Cooking at home is becoming more and more common. Notice how we didn’t say boring? That’s because we know how to spice up dinner at home, especially when you order Good Ranchers steak delivery and have it shipped directly to your door with free shipping. Now that you’ve got your steaks delivered, it’s time to level up your cooking game at home. Whether you’re just cooking for yourself while binge watching Netflix or you’re hosting the neighbors over, we promise making steak dinners at home can be even more fun than going out.
Steak Delivery Makes Dinner At Home Feel Luxurious
For starters, let's make a point to use the good dishes. We get it – that means you’ll have to clean the good dishes, but set out a full place setting, even if it’s just you. Use real napkins, pull that fancy tablecloth out of the closet, fill up your water glass and while you're at it, add some lemon.

fancy dinner table setting

If you're drinking wine, go through a full wine tasting for your first sip. Maybe you can even set the table with fresh flowers from your local store or flower deliver company, or light a candle. These are all little things you can do to make dinner at home feel a bit more fancy, especially when you’re eating quality 100% American beef Good Ranchers steaks. Make something you don’t make often. We highly recommend cooking a delicious steak from Good Ranchers for obvious reasons, but maybe you can try a unique steak marinade recipe or try to incorporate an ingredient you’ve never cooked with before. The best part about using our meat delivery service is that you can focus on the other elements of making your dinner feel fun and fancy. Since you don’t have to go to the butcher and you’re ordering steak online, spend that extra time perfecting a side dish recipe, or creating a playlist to set the mood. Have a friend or family member who lives far away? Consider a FaceTime call with them over dinner. It may not be top etiquette to be on the phone while you eat, but we live in a different time now, so we say dial that number!

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Prepare your dish as if you’re a food blogger or food photographer and want to capture the final product. That means making sure you use good plates, plate the food like they would at a restaurant (don’t forget the easy and delicious sides!), and clean off the edges if any sauce or juice dripped. Go the extra mile and take that picture. Film a video for your social media followers. woman taking picture of her food with her phone Try to slow down while eating your delicious steak dinner. You wouldn’t pay a ton of money to rush through a fancy dinner, so don’t rush through your dinner at your home. We want you to enjoy your dinner. Change up the scenery if you can. If you usually eat on the couch or a TV tray table, use the dinner table. If you live in an apartment with an outdoor seating area, take your meal down there, or out in the backyard if the weather is nice. Be prepared, which always means having dessert! Nothing caps off a wonderful dinner at home like a delicious dessert, dessert wine, or cappuccino. And we’re not talking ice cream out of the carton, unless that’s your favorite, but at least put it in a bowl and don’t eat directly out of the carton. Related: Learn more about our home meat delivery service.
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