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Where does your meat come from?

We source from local ranches and farms throughout the heartland of America, our beef is, 100% All Natural. All of our partner natural from our partner ranches and Farms that meet our Standards of Excellence.

Are your cattle grass-fed?

Yes! Our Cattle are on a 100% Vegetarian diet. We start them on a grass diet then introduce them to a custom, all natural grain diet to get that “High-End Steakhouse” taste our customers love so much!

What does “grain-finished” mean?

Grain-finished means that we complete the cattle’s diet by introducing our custom all natural 100% Vegetarian grain blend. This gives the meat a more tender and Rich flavor, as well as increasing the amount of Marbling, which gives you the best eating experience. Rest assured our Ranches only uses high-quality grains. This helps keep cattle healthy and happy and makes the meat more delicious!

How long is your product aged?

To get the perfect balance of tenderness and rich flavor we dry age our meat for a minimum of 14 days, and wet aged for additional 14 days.

The difference between dry age and wet age?

The difference between wet aging vs. dry aging is in how the meat is dehydrated. For dry-aging, whole sides of beef or primal cuts are hung in the open air at a temperature just above freezing and left to age for several weeks. Not only are the enzymes breaking down the muscle tissues during this time, but the meat is also slowly dehydrating. This concentrates the meat and changes the texture and flavor. With wet-aging, cuts of beef are vacuum-sealed in plastic and shipped to the market. The aging takes place in the 4-10 days between slaughter and sale while the meat is in transit giving the enzymes time to tenderize the meat. The biggest plus is that there’s no weight-loss in the meat due to dehydration. It is a newer technique that capitalizes on advances in vacuum seal technology and refrigeration.

How big are the 20 for $35 filets?

Our filets are industry standard size of approximately 4 ounces for a total of almost 5 pounds of delicious, fork-tender filets.

Why are your prices so low?

The meat industry is littered with middlemen everywhere who add extra costs that get passed on to you, “the consumer.” We sell directly to people who care about getting quality meat at a reasonable price. We’re not burdened with the costs associated with having a brick and mortar or any of the costs that middlemen like to tack on. This means we can keep our prices low and our customers happy!

Where are you located?

We call Houston home but we travel all across the U.S. of A. selling our meat via pop-ups at local food markets. Visit our Locations page to see where we are today.

Is your meat inspected?

Yes! All meat sold in the U.S. must be USDA inspected. Unlike most other online meat companies our meat isn’t just inspected but also USDA graded. There are eight beef quality grades: Prime, Choice, Select, Standard, Commercial, Cutter & Canner. We only use the two highest USDA grades: Prime & Choice. Which ensures you are getting only the highest quality of beef.

How do I defrost my product?

We recommend 2 ways to defrost your Good Ranchers products.

Preferred Method: Remove your steaks or chicken from the freezer 24 hours prior to cooking and place them in the refrigerator. This allows the meat to slowly defrost and retain all its freshness.

Quick Method: Fill a large bowl with cold water, place the meat in the water and submerge. The meat will be completely thawed in an hour or two, depending on the size and thickness. Just be sure to check the water every 30 minutes — if it becomes tepid, change it out.

When will my order ship?

It depends on when you join. Your order will typically be at your doorstep within a week of when you start your membership, and then every 4,6,8 weeks after that depending on what frequency you choose.

Where do you ship?

All continental USA except for Montana, New Hampshire, and Maine

How will my order be shipped?

We use the highest graded insulated packaging to ensure your meat gets to you at the perfect temperature.

If your package is delivered without Dry Ice check to see if the meat is still frozen. If it is, it’s fine. If your meat isn’t frozen, check to see if it’s still cold to the touch(40 degrees or colder) If so, refrigerate and cook as normal or refreeze.

How long can the meat last in the Freezer and refrigerator?

Our meat can last for up to one year in the freezer if kept at the proper temperature Ground Beef can last between 1-2 days in the refrigerator after being defrosted Steaks and Chops can last between 3-5 days in the refrigerator after being defrosted

If I’m not happy with my order what do I do?

Please contact us by email as soon as possible.

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Our ranchers are knowledgeable and educated on all things meat. We want to help guide you in the right direction when making your purchasing decisions. Feel free to send us your questions and we will respond with relevant and helpful information!

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