The Facts

Customer service is a big deal. As business has moved, expanded, and evolved to new and emerging sectors, customer service has become a cornerstone of every transaction on every platform. You can’t do business without customer service anymore. It’s moved from a momentary point-of-sale transaction to an ongoing relationship between customer and provider. 

This blog isn’t to explore the importance of customer service throughout history though, or even how it differs from industry to industry. This blog is to let you know that our customer service is changing and growing for the better. We may not have been “at your service” as much as we could have been recently, but rest assured, we are fully at your service now.

The Change - The People

Two weeks ago, we brought on a Customer Experience Manager. Her name is Carly, and people are already saying she puts the “Good” in Good Ranchers! She oversees all of our customer support team and makes sure all of your experiences happen as smoothly as possible. She pretty much does this all day now.

But she is really great at it; as well as her whole team! They are all working hard to handle the growth we’ve seen and subsequent order questions/issues that arise because of that. We’re a small, family business and are growing and learning every day to better serve you. We want to provide the best meat and the best service, and we won’t stop until we do.

What prompted this change? Your support! We cannot thank you enough for the way you are supporting American farms and ranches, and making the hundreds of thousands of meals we’ve donated a possibility. You are the heroes of this story and we want to serve you in a way that reflects that.

The Simple Truth

As much as we’d like to permanently eliminate shipping delays and glitches, website maintenance and errors, or even a product mix-up at the processing facility, we just can’t. Unfortunately, problems will arise and mistakes will happen due to human error. That being said, we aim for excellence in everything we do, and our heart as a business is to take care of you. You have trusted us with your money and blessed us with your support, and we will provide the utmost service we can to thank you for that.

We want you to put you at ease about your order and your issues. Even more at ease than this cat (that's pretty relaxed). Give us a chance to provide you with a superior product and service. Find your box at our SHOP - every box comes with the best customer service we can provide. Guaranteed.

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