The cost of plant-based "meat" is too high. It will cost us our favorite food. It will cost millions of jobs in the meat industry. We cannot absorb protein from plant-based "meat" as well as from real meat, so it costs us vital nutrition. Most of all, it costs us MEAT.

It feels wrong to call anything “meat” that is plant-based. Meat is most often defined as the "flesh of an animal as food". Ground up soybeans and wheat shaped into a burger will never count. Why don’t we just reverse the equation and make meat based plants? Honestly it sounds like our kind of healthy side to eat with our steak, but it’s silly to think that simply mimicking the look of something makes it into that thing.

So why are people trying to push this fake meat in the market and onto our plates? There are a few reasons.

Some people think that eating plant-based "meat" is more humane. They believe that by not eating meat, we will be sparing the lives of animals. However, the production of plant-based meat is anything but humane. The soybeans used to make fake meat are often grown in South America, where rainforest land is being cleared to make room for soy plantations. This is devastating to the environment and the indigenous people who live there. Also, if you upend the meat industry, over 5 million Americans will have their income and jobs put in jeopardy. That is a cost of plant-based meat.

Other people think that plant-based meat is healthier for us and superior in terms of nutritional benefits, but this simply isn't true. Our bodies are designed to absorb protein from animal sources much more efficiently than from plants. In fact, a recent study published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry has shown that we do not absorb as many essential or non-essential amino acids from meat substitutes as we do from meat itself. This is likely due to the fact that proteins in substitutes do not break down into peptides as well as those from meats.

And then there are the people who are pushing plant-based meat because they stand to make a lot of money from it. Big food companies and venture capitalists are investing billions of dollars in the fake meat industry, and they're doing everything they can to get us to switch from real meat to their products. They even have prominent figures eating bugs as if it’s “trendy”. This video of Nicole Kidman eating worms quite literally puts the creepy in creepy crawlies.

Skip the bugs and big corporations. Fortunately, you can get all the real meat you need from local farms and ranches all based in America at our store right now. 

The final reason is that meat is just better. It’s infinitely better and more satisfying than a patty made of plants seasoned by insects. For centuries meat has been at the center of a good meal. Holidays have signature meats to prepare for them. Tables at a banquet hall to celebrate a momentous occasion are not riddled with plants and insects with high protein potential. The chefs put their star of the night at the center - the one worth the most and sought after the most. What dish do you see when you picture that moment? Safe to say - it’s a dish with real meat.

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