We see the climbing gas prices every day when we drive past our usual station we stop at, but there are prices rising behind the scenes even faster, and they impact the prices you pay for meat. Rising wheat and corn prices are going to impact the cost of your lunches, family dinners, and meals out. The primary ingredients in the feed of cattle, chicken, and more animals is... you guessed it: Wheat and Corn. In fact, feed can be 50%-70% of the cost in raising calves and cattle, which means the price of beef and meat is going to rise in unison with the feed prices. That means a big increase in meat prices could be about to hit. Let us show you why.

What Made Wheat & Corn Prices Rise?

Unfortunately, these rising commodity prices are directly linked to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This has put a strain on the supply and markets which has driven up the price. It’s safe to say that this conflict is Putin a lot of strain on a lot of people and products... Moving on! The increase in these prices has been more significant than Gas! We didn’t believe it when we saw it either but look at these charts. The first one is Gas price increase in the past 12 months.

Price Trends

It shows an increase of gas in March 2021 at $2.70 to $4.20 in March 2022, which is an overall increase of 55%. That is significant. Gas prices were already on the rise before this extra strain and shortages of supply from the conflict, but inflation of these prices is faster than we can keep up with. Still, if we look at the Wheat and Corn prices for the same time frame, we see these even more alarming curves. (Wheat chart is first and then corn. Each price per bushel.)

Corn went from $5.40 to $7.58 in the last 12 months, which is an increase of 40.3%, but wheat climbed higher than the other two by a significant amount! Wheat is up 97% since this time last year, hitting the highest price it has ever reached just earlier this month at $12.94. We saw about a 20% increase in wheat and corn in 2021, but these recent jumps are adding to those already inflated prices.

This is why we know meat prices are sure to surge. We feel it in our supply chain already. So what can YOU do? What are simple steps to maintain quality foods while prices continue to rise? Here are 2 things to do that will help you and others a lot.

Actions To Take

1. Secure Your Price Now!

You came to a good blog today, but we do more than blogs. We ship American meat to your door. We source from Local, American farms – which are feeling the hurt of these feed price increases even more than us – and deliver it to you when you need it. When you subscribe – you LOCK IN your price for the life of your subscription. Yes, it will not go up for as long as you partner with us. Your box will support real American farms and ranches, and it will save your family money. If you will be there for our partner farms & ranches, we will be there for you.

1. Share The Word

There are a lot of bad packages of meat at the grocery store, and even worse ones online. We would appreciate you sharing the word about Good Ranchers with your friends and family. With us they can skip the foreign, imported meat that is about to soar in price, and lock in their price while eating 100% American, steakhouse quality cuts each night. We need more people to join the ranch and join the Good Ranchers movement. Thanks for reading!