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New Government Funded “Food-Pyramid” Says Lucky Charms Are Healthier Than Steak

By Good Ranchers

January 12th, 2023

Buckle up. This one is a doozy. You probably missed it, but in September 2022, the White House hosted a conference that focused on nutrition, health, and hunger in America. Dariush Mozaffarian, who was one of the main organizers of the event and is currently Dean of the Tufts School of Nutrition — presented a newly designed food pyramid that only cost 3 years of time and millions of taxpayer dollars. The new wisdom they found? Lucky Charms are healthier than steak.

Don’t believe me? Here’s some results pulled out of the Tuft Food Compass

Chart is from Limitations of Food Compass Study

As you can see, Lucky Charms receives a 60 while ground beef is at a 26. Beef Steak ranked a little above 30 on the chart, which means both beef items received half the score of Lucky Charms. If we turn our attention to the green section, we see that chocolate covered almonds received a 78 and should “be encouraged” in someone’s diet. Chocolate covered nuts should be encouraged while beef and a majority of commonly consumed meats should be minimized.

This new food pyramid is being touted as the most comprehensive and science-based nutrient profiling system to date, which honestly just isn’t a surprise anymore. This is happening in a country where congress declared pizza to be a vegetable, and if tomato paste can make pizza a vegetable then maybe luck can make the charms healthy.

The concerning thing is that these ridiculous studies impact the food kids eat day to day at school. They also impact average people’s views of nutrition. There are many variables to the rise in weight gain within America, but a simple chart like the one below cannot be overlooked. Something is causing us to be sicker than ever before in history, and the food we eat labeled “good for us” by others seems to be at the forefront of it.

Hopefully this gets us asking the question, “are these recommendations truly for my benefit or someone else’s?” Only one thing is for certain after looking at all of this information… If this food pyramid is what was found at the end of the lucky charm rainbow, then we no longer want a pot-o-gold. Give us a steak instead.

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