What's better than Good Ranchers? Good Ranchers for FREE! That and Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (not the movie, the constitution - but the movie was good as well). That's about all that's better though. You can win a free box with Good Ranchers by entering our ShareTheBeef Contest today. What do you have to do? That's what this whole blog is about silly!

ShareTheBeef Contest

What is it?

What is the ShareTheBeef Contest? It's a way for you to share some of your favorite meals and memories with Good Ranchers. We want to see them, so we are asking you to ShareTheBeef, and in return you can WinTheBeef; "Beef" being your box of choice from Good Ranchers for FREE. You can choose Beef, Chicken, or Seafood to get shipped to your door on us. It's our way of connecting with you and giving back for your support!

How to ShareTheBeef

How do you ShareTheBeef? We want you to take a photo or video of a meal you prepared or a memory you made while cooking, eating, or unboxing Good Ranchers and share it on Social Media. We started this company to make great meals possible for every American family. We want to see the great moments and meals you create, so we need you to show us. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:
  1. Take your photo or video of a meal or memory with Good Ranchers
  2. Post it (to Instagram or Facebook)
  3. Tag us (@GoodRanchers) and make sure to use #ShareTheBeef in the post


In 1 month, we will look through all the posts and choose 3 winners. These 3 Winners will get their box of choice for free! So open up your cameras and share the beef people :camera_flash:


Want to see some examples of people who have shared their meals and memories? Here are a few of our favorites we've received just recently! Share yours and maybe we will spotlight it next. [embed]http://www.instagram.com/p/CTA5lRELAI6/[/embed] [embed]http://https://www.instagram.com/p/CSA2-e8AWNF/[/embed] [embed]http://https://www.instagram.com/p/CGdRajTFEW_/[/embed]

Need A Box To Post About?

Get in on sharing the beef! If you don't have a box, we can get you one in time to compete in this contest, and if not this one - the next! That's right, we will be doing more of these giveaways, so buy Good Ranchers today at our storeFind your box and share your meal or moment! Buy the Beef, Share The Beef, Win MORE Beef 🥩 Also, make sure to  follow us on social @GoodRanchers so that you can easily find us and see the winners announced for this contest and all the giveaways we will be doing in the future!