Good Ranchers Customer Testimonials

By Good Ranchers May 2, 2020

Of course we could spend hours telling you how great we think Good Ranchers is, but you’d probably rather hear it from our customers. Because we knew you’d ask, we wanted to share some of our latest and greatest customer testimonials from social media on feedback we’ve gotten at our most recent meat pop-up locations, the quality of steaks, pricing, and overall consensus.

Here Are A Few Fan Favorites:

I bought the 20 for $29 in Las Vegas last week, plus one of their other steak packages, great purchase, delicious steaks and chicken. I told several friends and they also bought the steaks. If it is within your means, take advantage of this opportunity, you will be glad you did.

– Barbara L.

Awesome meat at great value! Love the donation to Food Banks also. Thanks for what you do!

– on Instagram

My husband picked up the steaks and I made them with baked potatoes and grilled vegetables. Very good!

– Lynn G.

Bought the Rancher Pack, took it home and cooked a filet. It was juicy and tender, later had a chop steak, it had great flavor. Glad I bought it.

– Joe S.

Love Good Ranchers. My deep freeze is stacked.

– Troy P.

Went to Vegas Meadows Mall – got [the] half cow deal. Great buy, very friendly guys. We will be back. I told a lot of my friends to check you guys out.

– Donna C.

We got a bunch from the Phoenix Arrowhead location. Seriously SOOO good! We got 2 of the 20 for $29, and the cuts were perfectly sized, great flavor, and cooked so well.

– misskrueger925 (instagram)

Got some a few weeks ago in Covina. Good quality meats. Will definitely buy again.

– Yolanda V.

All cuts are excellent! The different seasoned chicken breasts are all delish! I bought these months ago and still have plenty left. Will refill my freezer when the time comes.

– Nowska T.

Love love love Good Ranchers. Always end up with the deal + Ranchers Box or more. Very reasonable on prices too! Helps my family of 8. Thank you!

– Demi P

I got the big deal last month when [they] were in Covina and it was a really good investment. The meat is the best quality. I am definitely going back.

– Liz L.

These guys are amazing! We just bought a 1/2 cow and they threw in chicken for free! Every 6-mos or so we find them and fill up the freezer and share with family.

– Brenda W.

Good Ranchers, we made the burgers last night, best burgers my husband said he’s had in a long time. Thank you and we will see you again in Vegas.

– Rose M.

We will continue sharing more customer testimonials throughout our blog and social media. If you’ve had a great experience, we’d love for you to share your reviews online. Thanks for being such amazing and loyal Good Ranchers customers!

Stop by and see our Good Ranchers team at any of our pop-up locations and see what all the buzz is about. Let us know if you’ve tried our Good Ranchers meat by tagging us on social media. You can always contact us with any questions, ideas, or concerns.

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