Whether it’s the kitchen, the grill, or the dining room table; we all know cleaning up is the last thing you want to do after eating a delicious dinner, especially if you’re grilling any Good Ranchers meat. But, it’s part of the deal. We thought we’d make it easy on you and share some easy tips and proper ways to clean your grill. There are a ton of grill cleaning kits and products on the market. In fact, you could probably spend your entire weekend researching the best ones and reading all the pro tips. But truth be told, a stiff wire brush and dish soap is really all you need. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in a few other products or supplies (see the bottom of this post), but if you ever run out, that should almost always do the trick.
Before we dive too deep into tips for cleaning your grill, we have two main points you’ll want to remember each and every time:
  • Elbow grease is your best friend. Scrub hard like you mean it!
  • Do it regularly. The more you let gunk, ashes, food particles, dirt build up on the grill, the harder it is to get it clean. Here’s a life tip we learned from our parents --- what takes you two minutes today, takes you five minutes tomorrow. Seriously, it only takes a few minutes to clean your grill after each use, but the longer you wait, the more time (and elbow grease) you’ll need!

Tips For Cleaning Your Grill
Just like every grill is a bit different and every grill master has their own secrets, keep in mind the cleaning up part is different for every grill and type of meat too. For a gas grill, make sure you empty the drip pan every time, and for those charcoal grills, you’ll want to brush out the ashes to prevent buildup, gunk or any other issues, which could be hazardous and/or ruin your grill. One other important note is to wait until the grill is completely cooled down before doing any clean up, other than using your stiff wire brush (as mentioned above). After you’ve already enjoyed your steak dinner or American Kobe Beef Burger lunch, go back and turn the grill on high. After it heats up, scrape the remaining food particles off. It’s much easier to get them off while it’s hot. Then, mop up the grates using a paper towel with canola oil to remove any excess food, debris, or build up. Another tip for your grill if you aren’t diligent about cleaning the grill after each use is to turn it on high before you grill, and use an onion to clean off the grates, which also adds a little extra flavor. Having a grate grill scraper, wood scraper, and stiff bristle brush (we like nylon bristle brushes) are all handy tools you need to help clean your grill and do it regularly. Also, investing in a grill cover is a good idea. Do you have any grill cleaning tips or other grilling hacks? Leave a comment below or follow us on social media and share your tips. Now that you know how to clean your grill, and how important it is to do it every time you use it, be sure to stop by one of our pop-up locations and stock up on Good Ranchers quality meat today. We’ve got some huge summer savings packages going on now, so hurry or send someone from your family to stock up for all of you! Please note: Good Ranchers prices, packages, availability and locations may change.