How To Clean And Prep Your Charcoal Grill

By Good Ranchers September 14, 2020

Grilling techniques are incredibly important, but your grill prep before you even put your Good Ranchers steaks on it is just as important.

For starters, empty out any old ash. Old ash doesn’t add flavor. We repeat, old ash doesn’t add flavor. All it does is cause a mess and make the actual cooking temperature difficult to control, which makes it hard to grill the perfect steaks or burgers.

Clean your grates. Yes, we recommend doing this after you grill each and every time, but again before you start using it. You want to use a stiff bristle brush to clean off any rust, residue or leftover grease from your last grilling adventure. No matter how well you think you clean your grill after each use, we highly recommend this before starting to grill again.

In this order: light your coal, put your clean grates back on the grill, then wait a few minutes to let the grill warm up. This helps reduce the time your meat (or veggies) sits on the grill, but most importantly, it prevents sticking, which we’ve all had a nightmare of an experience with.

There are many methods to light your coal. Our preferred method is with simple lighter fluid, which is as easy as following the steps on the container, or you can light the coals using a match.

Another important tip that will also help prevent your food from sticking to the grill and making a mess is oiling your grill grates. We recommend using a paper towel and grilling tongs to wipe the oiled up paper towel over your grill grates. You can also slice an onion in half, and use that to add flavor and oil on the grill grates, but be careful, as the grill is hot.

Here are more tips for cleaning your grill the right way.

Once you do all those steps for your charcoal grill, you are ready to grill up some tasty meat.

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