We live in a cancel culture! Not the kind you are thinking of though. We live in a culture that is constantly subscribing and cancelling, purchasing and cancelling, committing and then cancelling. When what we all really need is just a break. We need to take a moment to pause, and that pause will make all the difference.

1. Cancelling Is So Bad... But Feels So Good!

The simple truth is that cancelling can feel like the easiest and most wonderful thing to do some days. We've had a long week, and we wish we could get out of those plans we made earlier in the week, so what do we do? Call in sick. Fake being dead. CANCEL it somehow.

The truth is cancelling actually does us a disservice in some areas (also similar to heroin - if we mention heroin again you can officially be concerned). This is especially true when it comes to subscriptions. You see, when you cancel a purchase of a one time product, it's no big deal. There is no real relationship between people who have met once. A subscription is someone you interact with more though. You know their story, they know your problem, and together you have found a solution. Like any relationship that goes on for more than one encounter, there can be moments of joy that make you want to stay forever and moments of friction that lead you to want to cancel.

2. Relax, You Have Options

Cancelling is not your only option in subscriptions. To speak to Good Ranchers specifically, one of the major reasons people want to cancel is they still have meat from their first box. We totally get it! We send you a great amount of great meat for a great price. It's great. You don't have to cancel your subscription - we can just change the frequency of your subscription! Go from 4 to 6 weeks or 6 to 8 weeks. We can even push the next order out longer than that if you are traveling or you'll be out of town for an extended time. Know that you always have options.

3. Press Pause - It Saves The Relationship

You can pause your subscription! It's like saying we need a break - "It's no you... it's meat." It saves the lifetime of your subscription, which means you can press play to resume and still have the deals and price you locked in. Yes, when you subscribe with us your price is locked in, which means nothing can ever change it! So pausing allows you to keep the price you locked in, still be updated about anything you are interested in, and have the freedom to restart whenever you'd like. Sounds way better than cancelling, right? When you cancel you start from square 1 with a company. It's like one of us hit our heads and we have amnesia now. We never want to start from square 1 with anybody, so pause your subscription to make sure we can always pick up where we left off! If you aren't a subscriber, try it out today. We have a satisfaction guarantee, you can cancel OR PAUSE at anytime, and we are committed to doing right by every customer. You can find all our boxes and subscription options at our SHOP! Also, follow us on Social @GoodRanchers to stay up to date on meat tips, giveaways, new products, and jokes that will make you laugh. Seriously, you've got nothing to lose!