How To Have The Perfect Mother’s Day Meal At Home

By Good Ranchers May 1, 2020

We’re here to give you a step-by-step guide to the perfect Mother’s Day at home. Most restaurants aren’t quite open yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a tasty meal at home to spoil mom, right?

9 Steps to the Perfect At Home Mother’s Day Meal

Step 1: Buy Good Ranchers Steaks and start prepping for an amazing dinner. We’re sort of kidding, but the first step is to plan out the meal and do your grocery shopping or visit one of our meat pop-up locations to stock up. Pro tip: get what she likes. If she’s more of a breakfast person, make her breakfast in bed (still follow our tips below). If she’s into spicy food, make that!

Need some recipe ideas? Check out our Pinterest board for recipes and inspiration.

Step 2: Make sure she feels the love. Whether you’re prepping the steak marinade, or cutting up vegetables, make sure the entire day is about her. Don’t complain about the long lines at the grocery store, or let her chip in to help make dinner, and certainly don’t leave a mess in the kitchen!

Step 3: Set the table. Bring out the good dishes and fancy napkins, if you have them. If not, don’t worry about it. But do put some thought into it. Fold the napkins, or write cute love notes in the paper towel napkin or something you are thankful for that she does for the family. Consider getting fresh flowers for the table. Maybe adding a family photo as the centerpiece for the table? Get creative with what you have, making a memorable day doesn’t have to take a lot of money.

Step 4: Set the ambiance. Let’s be honest: women aren’t really that hard to figure out. Whatever she likes, try to make that happen. If she likes jazz music, set up a Pandora station with her favorite music playing in the background. If you have kids, decide if it’s a family Mother’s Day dinner or a celebration for just the two of you. Ask a neighbor to watch your kids for a few hours, or if the whole family is involved, make it fun for everyone. Give kids “to do’s” to get them excited. Maybe one can set the table; the other can draw decorations you can hang up around the table like fine art at a fancy restaurant. Since it is Mother’s Day, we suggest getting the kids involved, if possible. Remember, these tips apply to all moms on Mother’s Day, so don’t forget your own mom!

Step 5: Just like Step 1 with planning, think ahead of time what you can do to make it a more memorable occasion. Does she have a favorite dessert you can whip up or purchase from your local bakery? Or a favorite wine she considers a splurge. Hook her up for Mother’s Day – she sure deserves it.

Step 6: Spend some actual time praising her for how great of a mom she is. Tell her how thankful you (and the kids) are to have her in your lives. She deserves to feel extra special.

Step 7: Go beyond the actual meal and plan a little something extra she loves. Does she love getting massages? Maybe give her a foot massage while she gets to pick what movie you watch. Maybe you and the kids can clean the house while she binge watches her favorite TV show? Do the laundry or help her out with any honey-do lists she’s been begging you for? Does she love taking pictures with the kids? Act like a professional photographer before dinner and get her some new Facebook photos she can share!

Step 8: Don’t forget the gift! Yes, dinner is a fabulous gift, but consider having the kids do a DIY craft project the day before to create a heartfelt gift she’ll remember for years.

Step 9: Clean up! The night isn’t over. No matter who usually cleans in your house, tonight is not the night for mom to clean up. Clean up all the dishes, take down the impromptu decorations, and let her kick her feet up and relax; at least until the next day!

Check out our list of pop-up locations so you can stock up on quality meats today, whether for Mother’s Day or just a regular ole Tuesday night in the backyard.

From the entire Good Ranchers team to all the moms out there, enjoy your day and thank you for all you do!

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