Our new normal is always changing, but we’re choosing to look at the positives. Maybe that means more family time at home or creating new traditions or Sunday dinner routines. Reports show that more people are eating at home now more than ever, and we know that can feel a little boring. But Good Ranchers is here to change that, not only with our quality meat, but some fun tips to make dinner at home feel like a night out at a restaurant (hint: it doesn’t have to be fancy). Tips For Making Dinner At Home Feel Like Going Out
  • Make a reservation for dinner. If it’s just you and one other or even your entire family, send a meeting request or write it on the message board in your kitchen, so everyone knows what time dinner is. Don’t be late or your reservation may be canceled!
  • Dress up. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a ball gown, though that’s totally up to you, but if you’ve been lounging around the house in basketball shorts or yoga pants, try wearing jeans or a cute summer dress to change the mood. Dress like you would for a restaurant, which may include makeup or doing your hair.
  • Speaking of mood and ambiance, add some music or light some candles. This doesn’t have to be reserved for romantic dinners; the whole family can enjoy candles while eating or you can even create a music playlist.

  • Do something different. If you love when restaurants serve bread before a meal, make bread as your first course. If you love choosing from a few bottles of wine, present two or three to the table and have them pick out their wine. You can even take it a step further and print our a dinner menu or drink list.
  • Change up the scenery. If you always eat dinner at the kitchen table, swap out the chairs, or take the dining outside if the weather is nice. If you have a formal dining room that never gets used, this is your chance.
  • Assign duties and job roles like you’d see at a restaurant. Perhaps your youngest child can set the table or walk you to your table like the host/hostess. Someone else can be the dishwasher, and maybe someone else can be the server with a notepad for taking the orders.
  • Take orders, even if you’re all eating the same thing. If it’s delicious Good Ranchers steak, ask each person how he or she wants his or her steak cooked. If you’re starting with a side salad, ask them what dressing they want.
  • If you always make the same dinners, try a different recipe. Read some of our favorite meat and side dish recipes.
  • Share your experience online. If you had a great meal at your favorite restaurant, odds are you’d take a family picture there for Facebook or leave them a review, so do the same thing at home. You can even have more fun with it and name your restaurant and make this new dinner routine a weekly or monthly thing to do at home. If you subscribe to our meat boxes, you’ll never run out of things to cook for the whole family!
  • Another fun idea is hosting a virtual dinner party or a cooking contest with friends and neighbors. Maybe each family can review your cooking or how much they loved the “restaurant” and you can see which of your friends is the better cook and got five stars.
As we’ve all heard time and time again, this is an unprecedented time, so don’t feel there are any crazy rules for creating a fun dinner at home. If you are going stir crazy at home or have a big family to feed and entertain, a restaurant at home could be a great idea to change things up a bit and spend more quality time together. Have you ordered your meat subscription boxes yet? We have four curated boxes to choose from, and we deliver straight to your door. Read our grilling blog for recipes, tips, and more. Please note: Good Ranchers prices, packages, availability and locations may change.