The Newest Addition To The Ranch

If you hadn’t heard the news around the Ranch, we got a brand new box! It goes by the name, “The Cowboy”, and boy is it a duesy. We curate all our boxes based on feedback from real Americans like yourself, and “The Cowboy” is no different. We picked the cuts that were most requested and put together a box that will knock the socks off your taste buds. We're not sure if taste buds wear socks, but if they can and do, then they’d fly off like this after trying The Cowboy.

What makes The Cowboy so special and capable of sock feats like this? Well, you came to the right place, partner! We’re about to break down The Cowboy piece by piece and cut by cut. It’s going to be amazing and hunger inducing all at the same time. Buckle up because here we go.

Everything Is Black Angus

Everything in the box is Black Angus beef. Why is that important? Angus is known for a lot of great qualities, and it’s why we sourced 100% American, Black Angus to be in this box. First, it has a high level of marbling. This means it stays full of flavor and moisture during the cooking process. Now, a high level of marbling or fat isn’t good if all of that marbling is in one area. That would be a part you end up cutting off the steak. The key is to have even marbling throughout the grain of the meat. The Angus breed of cattle is known for having a near perfect distribution of marbling throughout its cuts. That’s why when you want tender, flavorful cuts of beef, you buy Angus - you buy “The Cowboy”.

First: Bone-In Ribeyes (1lb Each!)

The first cut we had to include were some Bone-In Ribeyes. We have heard the requests, and we responded so that now all your Ribeye dreams can come true. Each Cowboy Box comes with FOUR, yes FOUR, Bone-In Ribeyes. They are each 1 Pound - not small like some ribeyes you may find at the store or online. This is a quality of beef that makes you feel like you got to go into the kitchen and pick the best looking ribeye to enjoy - only better. It’s better because you get to do that FOUR times with The Cowboy. Be the first to try these next-level ribeyes by ordering your box today!

Next: American Wagyu Steak Burgers

Do you like burgers? Of course you do! Burgers are like a universal language. We all speak the same language when we bite into a juicy, tender burger topped with whatever we love. It’s a language of grunts and silent praises, but a language all the same. These American Wagyu Burgers will definitely increase your burger vocabulary while taking your breath away. They have the perfect mixing ratio so that every bite is the best burger you’ve ever had. Turn your house into the new gourmet burger joint with “The Cowboy”. You get 2 pounds of wagyu burgers in the Cowboy Box. (6 patties that are ⅓ pound each)

Finally: NY Strips & Sirloin

Yes, we packed in even more prime and choice steak! You get 2 pounds of Black Angus NY Strip and 2 pounds of Black Angus Sirloin. Every ounce is the highest quality and USDA grade we can get. These cuts will have a wonderful bite and pack some serious flavor. Both NY Strips and Sirloins are leaner cuts of beef, but the high quality of them allows you to get that perfect, leaner chew without drying them out or losing the tender texture great steaks are known to have.

What You Should Do ⬇️

Buy The Cowboy!!! We spent months sourcing this box from local ranches, crafting it, and giving it a seriously cool looking box and name. This box lives up to the hype. We push it because we are proud of it, and you will be proud to have bought it too. Get a taste of American Excellence at its finest with The Cowboy. The box that takes Beef to another level. Buy it, try it, or gift it today! Find it in our shop by clicking here > MEET THE COWBOY

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