Hundreds? That's a lot of money! Well, as crazy as that claim may sound, it may be even more money than you spend on gas that you could save.  We'll show how you can save in this blog, so buckle up and get ready to find some cash you've been losing.

Down The Drain

A crazy amount of the food we buy ends up going bad or being thrown away. In fact, "the United States Department of Agriculture found that American consumers waste about one pound of food per day, or 225-290 pounds per year." (Forbes) Imagine 250lbs of the food that you buy with your hard earned dollar going straight down the drain. That's what's happening every day to every American. You may see mostly produce in the video above, but meat accounts for more food waste than fruits and vegetables. One study found, "the average American consumer spends roughly $1,300 per year on food that ends up being wasted." (WM) If that's one consumer, then imagine how much could go to waste in a family of four or more; we're starting to get a real picture of how expensive food waste is for each of us. Meat and Seafood lead the way in food waste cost, but how does it happen?

The Cause

What are we all doing to waste this much money? There are two main reasons that cause meat and seafood to go to waste in the home:

1. Never Cooked

A lot of the meat and seafood bought never gets cooked. It sounds ridiculous, but with freezer burn and expiration dates a lot of meat never even gets to the oven or pan. A lot of food never gets cooked because it wasn't needed for the recipe or meal. We get a pack of 6 chicken breast, so we cook 4 for dinner, but the other 2 are left raw in a bag in the fridge or freezer to inevitably go bad.

2. Not Eaten

Now, let's say you cook all 6 chicken breast and only eat 4 that night. You save the other 2 for leftovers to take for lunch or use for dinner another night, but you never actually eat them. This happens even more with steak and pork because warming them up can really toughen up the meat. Who wants a steak out of the fridge and popped in the microwave? Not many, which is why a lot of meat gets cooked but never eaten.

The Solution 

What can resolve these issues and save us this money we lose each day? Good Ranchers. All of our meat is individually packaged and vacuum sealed. That means you can cook the exact amount of chicken, seafood, or steak that you want to! No more cooking too much and never eating it or never cooking the extra you bought. Not only that, but with our vacuum seal technology our meat lasts up to two years in your freezer - without freezer burn. Our product helps eliminate both of the areas that cause food waste and cost you money, and it's already half the price of the "other" meat guys! Buy good Ranchers today at our storeFind your box and save! Keep the money you normally throw away while you enjoy top of the line cuts of beef that are steakhouse quality, better than organic chicken, and Prime Seafood that has freshness to spare!  Also, make sure to check back in and follow us on social @GoodRanchers for more tips and info on all your Beef, Chicken, and Seafood needs!