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Prepper Kit
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Why you'll love it
Our Prepper Kit is the perfect way to stock up and fill your freezer. With grocery stores experiencing unforeseen shortages on your essentials and inflation continuing to rise, the prepper kit is the best place to get safe, affordable, American meat delivered to your door. Plus, all our pasture-raised beef & chicken can be stored for up to a year in the freezer. In our prepper pack you will receive nearly 135 (5oz) servings of 100%, steakhouse quality, delicious American meat. Order yours today and stock up on over 40lbs lbs of meat sourced from real, American farms. When your prepper kit arrives, so does peace of mind. Subscribe to always have your freezer stocked and lock in your price for two full years!
What You'll Get
tab delimiter svg8.5lbs Bone-in steaks (USDA Prime or Upper Choice)
tab delimiter svg6.25lbs Boneless steaks (USDA Prime or Upper Choice)
tab delimiter svg8lbs Signature Angus Ground Beef
tab delimiter svg18lbs Pre-trimmed, Plain Chicken Breast
*Specific cuts may vary by availability
What Good You'll Do
tab delimiter svg10 Meals Donated to Local Food Banks
tab delimiter svgSupport for American Farms & Ranchers
Prepper Kit
Be The First To Review!
Prepper Kit
Based on an average 5oz serving size of meat per person, this box would provide 135 servings of delicious American meat
Our Prepper Kit includes over 40lbs of meat and is 4 cubic feet while everything is in their individual boxes. However, each piece of meat is individually wrapped, so you are able to unpack everything from boxes to fit in a smaller area. If you take everything out of the boxes, it will take up about 2 cubic feet.
You can store everything in your freezer for up to one year. Our vacuum seal packing helps our meat stay safe and high quality for longer than grocery store meat.
Our blend is an 80/20 ratio that gives tons of rich flavor in whatever dish you use it in.
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