Nothing says summer quite like grilling in the backyard with friends and family. The smell of juicy burgers or sizzling baby back ribs just screams summer, paired with an iced cold lemonade or beer. To get you ready for the summer and your next grilling adventure, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to grill in style.

  • Your backyard-grilling outing should have some of the best quality meat from Good Ranchers, so let’s start there! 
  • Of course you need a good grill, which is an obvious thing to add to our summertime grilling list! We won’t go into specifics on our favorite grills, because it’s so different for everyone and their style, budget, and taste, but here’s a good list to review the top gas grills of 2020 to get you started.
  • You’ll need a grilling apron. Not only does this help prevent a huge mess on your favorite shirt, it gives the grill master a little extra flair. We’ve found that Amazon and Etsy have some pretty cool ones, even grilling aprons you can customize. We’re always fans of buying locally, so keep an eye out for the perfect one!
  • Spices, spices, and more spices. Having spice options is great, but we love settling on a few select spices and herbs that will soon become your “signature.” If you do it right, the whole neighborhood will be clamoring for invites to your next backyard BBQ.
  • Meat thermometer, specific for grills. No matter how much of a seasoned grill master you are, we highly recommend a meat thermometer, just to be sure. Most grilling pros can eyeball their meat to ensure it’s fully cooked, but you never know when you may try a thicker cut of Good Ranchers steak or something else, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Wood grill scraper. There are so many ways to clean a grill, but a simple wood shovel to get the gunk off your grill is our favorite, plus it’s a grilling tool that is easy to keep clean itself, which sometimes can present another problem. Pro tip: don’t leave your grilling tools outside to brave the elements. Clean them, then store them somewhere easy to find.

  • Basting brushes are a must for almost any kind of meat you want to grill. We suggest doing some research on the best ones and not getting cheap basting brushes where the bristles fall out or won’t last long.
  • Tools for marinades (like basting brushes above), but also shallow and deep dishes, Ziploc bags, and more so you can properly marinade your meat, especially if you need to put it in the fridge overnight, like many of these steak marinade recipes call for.
  • Grilling tongs are another grilling favorite to make maneuvering and flipping the meat and vegetables easy.
  • If you are new to grilling and aren’t quite sure what tools to get, check out a simple grilling set that comes with a little bit of everything. That’s a great way to get started and you’ll soon find things you can and can’t live without or decide what to upgrade on.
  • If you plan to grill at night or into the evening hours, having a grill light sure comes in handy!
  • If you and your family are big pizza lovers, remember that grilling pizza is always a fun idea, but you’ll need some specific grilling tools so you don’t make a mess and can cook it perfectly and evenly. If you’ve never grilled a pizza, it’s a must try!
  • Grill mats are another great grilling accessory; plus they help make your clean up a lot easier. The other bonus while grilling is they provide a non-stick surface, which is ideal for certain meats and grills.
  • Investing in some cedar planks is something easy to help change up the style and flavor of your next grilling session too.
  • And lastly, remember that grilling with good tunes, an iced cold beverage, and maybe a few friends can add to the overall ambiance of your grill session.

Read our grilling blog for tips on how to grill a Good Ranchers steak and brush up on these grilling safety tips.

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