You’re probably grilling in your backyard now more than ever, right? Many restaurants remain closed, some people are afraid to go out, and not to mention, it’s summer. All of those things combined means it’s time to put that backyard grill to good use. Whether you’re a professional griller or just getting started, there are a few tips every grill master should know before committing a ton of time behind the grill.
6 Summer Grilling Tips
  1. Let the meat rest. This tip goes before and after you grill your Good Ranchers quality meats. Pull your meat out of the fridge and let it “warm up” just a bit so you aren’t putting cold meat directly on the grill. Some grill experts even recommend pulling your meat out of the refrigerator a few hours before you grill, letting the meat get to room temperature for prime cooking status. A good rule of thumb after you finish grilling is to let the meat rest again, usually 5-10 minutes so the juices can evenly distribute. Here are a few more grilling 101 tips to keep in mind.
  2. Be prepared before you start grilling. Nothing messes up your grilling mojo like forgetting to have all your tools ready or not having the grill clean. Make sure you’re ready to grill in style with these tips, and pull out everything you need including your grill apron, salt, tongs, and whatever else you grill with.

  3. As the grill is preheating, make sure everything else is ready. Are you grilling your favorite veggies or did you remember to pull the meat out of the fridge (again, tip #1)? For veggies, make sure the pieces are cut large enough so they don’t fall through the grate, or invest in a grilling mat that easily allows you to grill vegetables or fish. Also, this was a 2-for-1 tip, because preheating your grill is essential.
  4. Don’t be an antsy griller. What do we mean by that? Many grilling newbies think they always need to be doing something. Whether it’s opening the grill lid multiple times to check the status of your steaks, or flipping the meat incessantly, sometimes you need to take a break and let the grill and the quality Good Ranchers meat and marbling do most of the work. .Of course, grill and char marks are pretty pleasing to the eye, so don’t be afraid to turn your meat in order to get an artful masterpiece, not just to look at, but to taste as well.
  5. Don’t put your sauce or glaze on too early. This doesn’t include your meat marinades to use before you grill to help tenderize the meat, but things like BBQ sauce can easily burn thanks to the sugar and ends up burning or charring your sauce and therefore your meat. Most of us aren’t fans of burnt meat, so don’t go overboard or too early with the sauce. Many grill masters say the sauce should be a condiment, so hold off until you feel you’ve mastered this piece.
  6. Clean your grillno matter how tired you are or how full you are from your delicious Good Ranchers steak dinner. Cleaning your grill is just as important as all the other 5 tips listed above, so don’t skip this crucial step.
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