This Blog Isn’t About Turkey 

I know, it’s shocking. We just used turkey in the title for the pun. Those who know us would think that is completely understandable and quite frankly, expected. You see, everyone knows what they are having for the big meal. Thanksgiving day is what we are all thinking about already. You can already see the turkey, ham, and mountain of sides you want to ski down using your utensils.

Oh, how the sweet embrace of carbs makes us thankful for elasticity… But what about all the other meals? What about the lunch before or the lunch after? What about the other week of dinners that follows? Are we eating leftovers until New Years? That's what we want to talk about.


Not that kind of traveling. It does share something in common with the real traveling that takes place at the holidays though; there is a lot of it! We see tons of traveling in the gif, and experience tons of traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For Thanksgiving alone, over 55 million people traveled in 2019. ( That’s a lot of people to house and a lot of people to feed. Like we said, the main meal isn’t the issue. That’s being planned already, but what are we doing for the other 12 meals while all these people are in town? How do we have the homecooked feeling without the stress of cooking 12 Thanksgiving dinners?

A fridge and freezer filled with 100% American, steakhouse quality meats would help! Yes, that was a shameless plug for Good Ranchers, but at least the plug was honest.

The Key To A Great Thanksgiving

We’re confident in our product, and confident you’ll love it. Let us help you plan for the Thanksgiving that happens after the big meal. We’re here to make it easy to make great meals while you let out your pants for the weekend. So treat yourself or your host to Good Ranchers. That’s right, if you’re the one traveling, send your host a box of steak, chicken, and seafood to say thanks. Plus, you’ll get to eat it once you arrive! Get yourself and your family a 100% American meat box for a 100% American holiday.

You can always visit our SHOP to find the perfect box for yourself, your family, and that host that is putting up with you for a week… sorry, that’s a typo. We meant, “putting you up for a week”.  Make this Thanksgiving a memorable one with delicious meals and ease of preparation; buy Good Ranchers today.

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