Summer is in full swing, which probably means you’re having a few more grilling adventures and maybe even planning to host a socially distanced BBQ in your backyard.
There are a few simple tips and etiquette rules for hosting a backyard shindig, so we wanted to share some of our favorite tips to make sure your BBQ is as fun and easy as possible:
  • Make sure you have enough food. We are getting straight to the point, but Good Ranchers offers quality meat in huge quantities that can feed all of your summertime backyard BBQs. This also includes enough sides, drinks, napkins, plates, and all that other stuff. It’s not uncommon to ask your guests to bring a few things. Maybe one guest can bring paper products, another can bring sodas and water, and a few others can each bring sides. This helps alleviate a lot of stress and planning on your end. If you are making sides, check out these side dish recipes.
  • Try to have things prepared before your guests arrive. You are there to host, but trying to answer the door or wrangle the kids or pull things out of the oven can be distracting and make your guests feel like they’re in the way. Many recipes can be prepped the night before, including all of your steak marinades and other things.
  • Of course you’ll probably grill while your guests are there, so invite them out back with you and make sure you all have cold beverages in hand. Making ready-made cocktails in pitchers or having an accessible beer or soda cooler will also make it easier on you and your guests. Here are some cocktail recipes we love you can prep before they arrive.

  • Since grilling is a process (and one that we truly love), it may be a while before your guests get to actually eat. Be sure to have finger foods or dips laid out so they can munch and socialize and not be famished as soon as they arrive. Trust us, hungry guests are never any fun.
  • Make sure there is ample and comfortable seating. Again, with social distancing in mind, you don’t want to invite hundreds of people over, but make sure you have tables and chairs for everyone. You can always run to the local store and stock up on extra chairs or ask your neighbors if they have chairs or a folding table you can borrow. Side note: you should probably invite said neighbors over for the BBQ or that could get awkward.
  • Be on time. If you invite people over at 5, don’t answer the door at 5:15 half dressed with nothing prepared. Hosting people can be quite an undertaking, so do your best to plan ahead.
  • Make sure you have something for everyone. Of course you’re going to stock up on Good Ranchers steaks and burgers for the grill, but in case you have a vegetarian, be sure to have some other options.
  • Have fun. Although hosting can be a lot to take on, it should be worth your while. You don’t have to be the perfect host or hostess, but a host who isn’t having fun is the worst buzz-kill a party can have. If you have older kids or a good friend, ask them to come over an hour early to catch up and help you prep and set things out. It’s more fun that way.
See our current pop-up locations so you can stock up for your all summer BBQ needs all in one place. You can also read our Good Ranchers reviews to see what customers have to say about our quality meats. Please note: Good Ranchers prices, packages, availability and locations may change.