What Makes Good Ranchers Quarter And 1/8 Cow Different?

By Good Ranchers April 10, 2020

You can find “Quarter Cow” and 1/8th cow package deals all over the Internet and at farmer’s markets everywhere, but remember, not all deals are equal. Since our Good Ranchers Quarter Cow and 1/8th Cow specials are one of our top sellers at each of our pop-ups, we wanted to share some important things that set our deal apart from the others and why Good Ranchers meats are the best deal around.

Almost all of the package cow deals you’ll see average about $1,200, and over half of the meat you get for that price is ground beef, leaving you with a freezer full of burgers. If you do the math, that isn’t much of a deal and probably not the quality of meat or variety you were hoping for.

At Good Ranchers we pride ourselves on packing your freezer with the signature cuts of meat you really want. We’re talking Porterhouse T-Bones, Filet Mignons, New York Strips, Top Sirloin Steaks, Ribeyes, and Prime Steak Burgers.

Not only will you get the best cuts of meat that you actually want, we sell it at almost HALF THE PRICE as most of our competitors. All of our cuts are aged to perfection, individually packaged and vacuum-sealed, which help lock in flavor and tenderness, and you’ll never have to worry about losing any meat to spoilage. The Good Ranchers team makes it incredibly easy to buy and freeze your meat, without a lot of the hassle or repackaging as other quarter cow deals out there.

We offer Quarter Cows for $799, which has about 234 servings of quality meat and 1/8 Cows for $449, which has about 146 servings per package. Our 1/8th Cow Package is by far our most popular package– many of our customers buy this and come back for more when they finally run out!

We also offer additional daily and weekly discounts under the tent. All of our meats are pasture raised, all natural and 100% American Beef. These deals are a great way to buy grass-fed, grain-finished meat in bulk, helping save you money.

Check out this list of Quarter Cow pop-up locations to get yours today.

All-Natural Good Ranchers Quarter Cow Breakdown:

  • 30 Petite Filet
  • 8 T-Bones
  • 16 Filet Mignon
  • 20 Sirloin
  • 20 K.C. Strip
  • 24 Steak Burger
  • 24 Kobe Burger
    • 234 Servings

All-Natural Good Ranchers 1/8 Cow Breakdown:

  • 20 Petite Filet
  • 4 T-Bones
  • 8 Filet Mignon
  • 10 Sirloin
  • 10 K.C. Strip
  • 12 Steak Burger
  • 24 Kobe Burger
    • 146 Servings

So make your grill and your family happy with a Good Ranchers Quarter Cow or 1/8th Cow of Steak! With grocery stores running low on quality meats, now is the time to stock your freezer with these amazing deals.

If a quarter cow seems like too much meat for you and your family, we also have other package deals to stock up on, all offering the same great quality of meat Good Ranchers is known for. If it’s still too much meat, you can also split or share these cow packs with a family member or neighbor. Visit one of our pop-up locations to get yours today. All of our cow packages are USDA Choice or Higher, so you know you’re getting tasty, juicy, and quality meats every time.

Packages are subject to change or sell out at various locations, so hurry to see what we have today!

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for meat pop-up locations to buy our quarter cow and 1/8th cow specials right now and follow us on Pinterest for recipe ideas.

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