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Better Than Organic Chicken
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Why you'll love it
Chicken at the store can leave you thinking chicken isn't for you, but that's because you haven't had our chicken! Pasture raised, no antibiotics EVER, no hormones, and raised in a way that is better than the organic standard. The only thing that can rival our steaks is our chicken, so get this box to make sure you and your family finally get to experience chicken done the right way.
What You'll Get
tab delimiter svg8 (4.5oz) Italian Seasoned Chicken Breasts
tab delimiter svg8 (4.5oz) Garlic Pepper Chicken Breasts
tab delimiter svg8 (4.5oz) Fajita Chicken Breasts (pre-sliced)
tab delimiter svg8 (4.5oz) Plain Chicken Breasts
tab delimiter svg8 (4.5oz) Assorted Chicken Breasts
*Specific flavors and weight may vary by availability
What Good You'll Do
tab delimiter svgDonate Meals To U.S. Food Banks
tab delimiter svgStrengthen American Farms & Ranches
tab delimiter svgProvide The Best For Your Family
Better than Organic Chicken
We don’t aim to earn a label, but rather to earn your trust. Our chicken comes from a NAE (No Antibiotics Ever) program, which means they are antibiotic, hormone, and vaccine-free for their entire lives. That coupled with how tender and easy to prepare our chicken is, are just some of the reasons why we are truly better than organic.
Yes! You now have the option to select either plain chicken or marinated chicken breasts for your order. Just head up to the “Preparation” section above and choose your preferred mix. Enjoy our pre-marinated options or craft your own flavor with our plain chicken breasts. Either choice is a delicious one!
Yes, all our seasonings are completely Gluten Free!
Every piece is vacuum sealed and flash-frozen. This is the safest way for us to package the meat. It allows you to store it for up to a year and makes meal prep, thawing, and portion control very easy.
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