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Butchers Bundle
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Why you'll love it
Our Butchers Bundle lets you explore all the delicious cuts of beef we sell while still giving you a taste of our fan favorite, pasture-raised chicken! To make this time of year easy and delicious, all of our products are trimmed and cut by hand, then aged according to our standards of excellence to give you the most flavorful and tender cuts of beef on the market. We've done the shopping for you and taken the guesswork out of the meat aisle. Fill your fridge and freezer with America's best today.
What You'll Get
tab delimiter svg2 (17oz) Bone in Steaks (T-Bones or NY Strips)
tab delimiter svg5 (5oz) Flat Iron Steaks
tab delimiter svg2 (1lb) Signature Angus Ground Beef Packs
tab delimiter svg4 (16oz) Black Angus Bone in Ribeyes
tab delimiter svg3 (10oz) Black Angus N.Y. Strips
tab delimiter svg5 (6oz) Black Angus Top Sirloin Steaks
tab delimiter svg6 (5.33 oz) American Wagyu Steak Burgers
tab delimiter svg8 (4.5oz) Preseasoned, Triple Trimmed Chicken Breast
tab delimiter svg8 (4.5oz) Plain, Triple Trimmed Chicken Breast
*Specific cuts may vary by availability
What Good You'll Do
tab delimiter svg10 Meals Donated to Local Food Banks
tab delimiter svgSupport for American Farms & Ranchers
Butchers Bundle
Be The First To Review!
Butchers Bundle
Black Angus is a specific breed of cattle, very often used in steakhouses for its coveted flavor and amazing marbling. When you’re getting USDA prime and Upper Choice Black Angus, you’re getting some of the best beef on the market.
Every piece is vacuum sealed and flash-frozen. This is the safest way for us to package the meat. It allows you to store it for up to a year and makes meal prep, thawing, and portion control very easy.
These are two grades of beef from the USDA. The grade refers to the quality of marbling, color, and age of the beef. Prime and Upper Choice are the highest and most sought-after grades.
Yes, we age our steaks a minimum of 21 days to help them reach the peak of tenderness. That’s why our steaks are consistently more tender and delicious than other choices in the market.
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