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Surf & Turf Box
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Why you'll love it
Dive into the ultimate culinary adventure with our new Surf & Turf box! From sea to shining steak, this new box is perfect for grilling enthusiasts and seafood lovers alike. Featuring succulent New York Strip Steaks, perfectly marbled Bone-in Ribeyes, delicate Wild-Caught Halibut, and shrimply delightful Wild-Caught Gulf Shrimp—each cut is a masterpiece, representing a sea of flavor that you can’t find elsewhere. To elevate your dining experience and enjoy the best of the sea and steak, dive into this box today! We promise you’ll be hooked on every bite.
What You'll Get
tab delimiter svg3 (10oz) Black Angus N.Y. Strips
tab delimiter svg2 (18oz) Black Angus Bone-in Ribeyes Steaks
tab delimiter svg2 (6oz) Alaskan Halibut Filets
tab delimiter svg2 (1lb) Gulf Shrimp Packs (Peeled and Deveined)
*Specific cuts, weight and flavors may vary by availability
What Good You'll Do
tab delimiter svgDonate Meals To U.S. Food Banks
tab delimiter svgStrengthen American Farms & Ranches
tab delimiter svgProvide The Best For Your Family
Surf and Turf Box
Yes, we age our steaks a minimum of 21 days to help them reach the peak of tenderness. That’s why our steaks are consistently more tender and delicious than other choices in the market.
Black Angus is a specific breed of cattle, very often used in steakhouses for its coveted flavor and amazing marbling. When you’re getting USDA prime and Upper Choice Black Angus, you’re getting some of the best beef on the market.
Wild Caught Seafood refers to seafood that has been caught directly from its natural habitat, like oceans, seas or freshwater bodies. It ensures the highest quality seafood, full of authentic flavor and texture, as the animals are allowed to grow and develop in their native environment.
Each of our seafood and steak products are individually wrapped, vacuum sealed, and flash-frozen. This process helps to retain the freshness and quality, making it easy for you to store, thaw, and cook exactly what you need for your meal while keeping the rest fresh.
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