Grilling season is here - Try our Cowboy Box

Grilling season is here - Try our Cowboy Box

The Burger Box





THE NEW BURGER BOX IS HERE! Get 30 of our All-American Wagyu Burgers delivered straight to your door. Perfect for any upcoming grill outs or BBQ's. Plus, you can use our ground wagyu to elevate all of your meals. Wagyu taco tuesday? Spaghetti and wagyu meatballs? The options and flavors are limitless! Get yours today before we sell out of this NEW Product. LIMITED SUPPLY.


- 30 (5.33oz) American Wagyu Steak Burgers

- 10 Meals Donated to Food Banks

- Support for American Farms & Ranches

- Your New Favorite Burger

- Stretchy Pants To Put On After You Eat 3 Of Them (Not Really)



  • Is the process 100% on American soil?

    Yes it is! We are proud to be 100% American and our entire process from raising to delivering takes place here in the US.

  • What are your different box types?

    We sell boxes with a variety of meats! We interviewed real American families when starting this company and then curated our boxes to best meet the needs of their household and yours. You can find All Beef, All Chicken, and All Seafood boxes or a combination of them on our site.

  • Do I need a subscription?

    You do not have to subscribe to enjoy Good Ranchers. In each product page you can select the 'One-Time Purchase' option and try a box out without subscribing. The benefit of subscribing is the saving that comes with it. We encourage people to subscribe because you get $25 OFF every box for the life of your subscription. PLUS, you lock in your price, which means it will not go up as long as you stay with us. It's easy to pause, push out orders, and cancel if you ever have to.

  • What is your Satisfaction Guarantee?

    If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, then please reach out to us. We want to make sure we do everything we can to make sure you’re taken care of and your issue is heard. You can reach out to us via our Contact Us Form or email [email protected]