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The Burger Box
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Why you'll love it
THE BURGER BOX IS BACK! It sold out in 10 days last time, but we're stocked and ready for your order and subscription. Get 9 pounds of American Wagyu Ground Beef that will blow the last ground beef you had out of the water. Plus, you can use our ground wagyu to elevate all of your meals. Wagyu taco tuesday? Spaghetti and wagyu meatballs? The options and flavors are limitless! Get yours today and try the most popular burger box around.
What You'll Get
tab delimiter svg9lbs American Wagyu Ground Beef
tab delimiter svgYour New Favorite Burger, Taco, Meatball, Etc.
tab delimiter svgStretchy Pants To Put On After You Eat 3 Of Them (Not Really)
*Specific weight may vary by availability
What Good You'll Do
tab delimiter svgDonate Meals To U.S. Food Banks
tab delimiter svgStrengthen American Farms & Ranches
tab delimiter svgProvide The Best For Your Family
The Burger Box
By changing the packaging, we’re not only reducing plastic waste, but we’re also expediting the production of our burgers so we can ship delicious U.S. burgers to more Americans quickly and efficiently.
You get 9 pounds of our American Wagyu Ground Beef, which we like to form into patties that are each a third of a pound. If you’d like to make them bigger or smaller, that’s up to you!
We have a proprietary blend in our wagyu burgers, but the fat content is between 20-25% in these burgers.
Wagyu is a breed of cattle that originates from Japan. It’s known for its unique marbling and rich flavor. We use American wagyu cattle that are raised here on local ranches. The experience of American wagyu is one you have to try at least once.
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