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Wild-Caught Seafood Box
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Why you'll love it
If you're a seafood lover, then you're going to be hooked! Not only is everything wild-caught, but it's sustainably sourced from certified fisheries along our coasts. Enjoy mouth-watering salmon filets, succulent shrimp, sensational halibut, and exceptional cod that will all truly make a splash at your dinner table. This is America’s best seafood delivered right to your door.
What You'll Get
tab delimiter svg 2 (6oz) Pacific Cod
tab delimiter svg2 (6oz) Alaskan Halibut
tab delimiter svg6 (6oz) Sockeye Salmon
tab delimiter svg2 (1lb) Gulf Shrimp Packs
*Specific weight may vary by availability
What Good You'll Do
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Wild-Caught Seafood Box
Be The First To Review!
Wild-Caught Seafood Box
Wild Caught Seafood refers to seafood that has been caught directly from its natural habitat, like oceans, seas or freshwater bodies. It ensures the highest quality seafood, full of authentic flavor and texture, as the animals are allowed to grow and develop in their native environment.
All our seafood is responsibly sourced from certified fisheries across America. These local fisheries are known for their sustainable practices, ensuring the health of our oceans and rivers, and commitment to delivering seriously delicious seafood.
Each piece of seafood is individually wrapped and then flash-frozen. This process helps to retain the seafood's freshness and quality, making it easy for you to store, thaw, and cook exactly what you need for your meal while keeping the rest fresh.
Our quality is truly superior. We source restaurant quality cuts from fisheries that know the waters like the back of their hand. By tapping into generations of expertise, we are able to consistently provide you with the best seafood experience America has to offer.
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